Kids and Diaper Rashes

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These kids and diaper rashes! It is a never-ending battle of learning and problem-solving. After having four children in diapers you would think I have all the mysteries of diaper rashes solved, but I do not. Each child is different, each rash is caused by something different, and everything and nothing works to cure it.

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Kids and Diaper Rashes discussion from a Mum and Doula

According to the most common reason for your baby to experience a diaper rash is moisture. Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, your baby should be changed every 3-4 hours, every time they poop, and every time they excessively pee. says half of all babies experience a type of diaper rash in those great diaper years. Apparently, I am part of the other 50% because I have dealt with rashes with all four of my children.

Honestly though, think of yourself. How long would you be comfortable sitting in your own messy diaper? That is why I personally change my children as soon as I know they have peed or pooped. That is my personal diaper changing philosophy though and I know it may not apply to all, I am not here to pass judgement if you wait..

There are a million reasons for a diaper rash. When you see a new rash ask yourself these questions:

* Has your baby pooped more than usual?

* What new foods have your baby tried?

* Did you change the diaper or wipe brands?

* If you are nursing, did you eat something new or completely change your diet?

* Did you change the formula brand you use or the formula recipe?

* Is the rash a chaffing issue? Could it be time to switch diaper or pant sizes?

Yeast infections, skin sensitivities, and chemical irritations are all common causes of a diaper rash. As always, your safest bet is to always contact your child’s doctor/care provider and not count on google or Facebook groups to give you an answer. My rash issue with my oldest was just changed by switching to cloth diapers. My third child was not shaped right for diapers and when I switched to cloth diapers that have no tabs, just pull up, his leg rashes were gone.

By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell; February 3rd, 2017
Updated; January 25th, 2020

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