Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Your Homeschooler

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Christmas shopping can be a challenge. I know I struggle with my five. They don’t need anything, I don’t want them to have anything, and I really do not want my kids to have more junk! My kids also ask for such little and simple things that everyone else is normally kind enough to get them those gifts for Christmas anyway. So I decided to do my research and create a top ten list of gifts that are absolutely perfect for a homeschooled child! When you are done reading the list please share your perfect gift for your homeschooled child!

Gift 1:

Financial Learning Ledger for Kids ($20) by Uncommon Goods comes in three different colors- green, pink, blue. This is a wonderful tool to hold your child accountable for their money. Whether your child is spending it or losing it (just recently my daughter lost her $1 from the tooth fairy and was upset that we wouldn’t replace it) they will learn quickly how to stretch that dollar and be responsible. While you may always struggle with your money it is good for kids to learn early so they will have a better hand at it as they get older. The earlier the better and this is a great tool if you also ask your children to save for a toy, tithe, donate, buy their own gifts, etc.

Gift 2:

Highlights Which Way USA club. This cool club is the gift that keeps on giving! This club will be delivered to your child every three weeks and includes information about 2 states of the great USA at a time. This is a really unique gift. We all remember Highlights magazine from when we were kids and they have just gotten better. This club will send a puzzle book, license plate keychain, state maps, and your child will learn all about the states. I really think geography is an unappreciated subject, I know many kids who don’t even know how many states are in the USA nevertheless where a country is. Start small, learn the states and expand that interest to the world! I also really like clubs and products from Highlights because you can cancel anytime which is good for a family like mine that is paycheck to paycheck Sign up for 3.00 here.

Gift 3:

This is not your ordinary case of craft supplies. This will provide hours upon days upon months of activities for your child. This kit has over 1,200 pieces. From everything from pom poms to google eyes to wooden pieces to needles to stick back pieces like gems, this kit is just never-ending. This will make a great family gift or a gift the kids receive together. While the price is a little higher than most, 40.00, it does end up being cheaper than if you were buying all the supplies individually and it comes in a really nice case. This is one present that I as an adult would even love! I really rate this an all ages present.

Gift 4:

This origami kit is just awesome! Learn origami with anything Star Wars ($17). Star Wars has always been popular and now is making another comeback with our generation of kids now that Disney is making the movies again. This book and paper will teach you how to make the characters out of custom paper so it actually looks like the characters and ships from the movie. This is over 250 pages of awesome learning skills, fan fun, and a great way to learn a new hidden talent.

Gift 5:

These kits are really neat. Another Highlights gift that keeps on giving but you can cancel anytime(so watch that card if you want to cancel), no punishment, and delivers every three weeks. These kits are top secret missions where you solve puzzles, games, and mysteries. Your child will learn about a different country in every kit and will learn about the culture, geography, history, and climate of the country. The adventure kit comes with a book, mission letter, spy ring, world map and passport, and guidebooks. These kits are 3.00 right now (reg.16.00) and you can enroll here on their website. The kit ships in about 2 weeks so it will be here by Christmas.

Gift 6:

This kit is really cool and affordable (16.00). What kid doesn’t like slime? Ok, well one of my boys doesn’t because he hates getting dirty, but one out of 4 isn’t bad. The Glow in the Dark Fun Lab comes with 41 pieces to make really cool glow in the dark experiments. It has glow in the dark stars that you can decorate with too! Your kids can make slime, self-power lights, wands,  and more. These kits will lead to great learning about chemical reactions and how the sun makes things glow in the dark.

Gift 7:

This could be another family or together gift (130.00) but a gift that will be very enjoyed. This is a complete 50 state set of all the state quarters that are no longer being made. These coins are top notch and unused which makes them easier to read and enjoy. They come and an absolutely beautiful box to display them in. This will definitely be a gift that will forever be kept and passed down.

Gift 8:

This viewer is pretty cool (4.00). My kids love catching bugs and I love this. There are air holes in the container so the bugs won’t die while in viewing or between the time the bugs get forgotten about and left in the container in the kitchen (anyone else go through this?). The top is a magnifying lid so the kids can check out all the features of the bugs and plants they might put in with the bugs. There is also a measuring grid with the bug viewer so you can also incorporate math and science together.

Gift 9

Can you learn to sew, learn about science, and make a circuit at the same time? The answer is a surprise: Yes! This kit makes three robots (17.00). You will put together the robots by sewing them together, using conductive thread, and installing the lights. Batteries and needle included. This is a great learning activity that combines skills every kid needs to learn (sewing) and engages in STEM activities.

Gift 10

This is absolutely a family gift! Fun for the whole family, 2-4 players. This game is just so cool ($34). This takes board games to a new level. This game comes with a talking command computer that delivers warnings, commands, emergencies, and more to go with the game story. You will be given missions and protocol cards. This game you will want to work together to complete your assigned missions. Go grab a cup of tea while your kids work together and go to Mars.
top ten gifts HS.png
That is my list of gifts for your homeschooler. I look forward to reading your comments on your suggestions or what gift you bought for your homeschooler. I love ideas and learning what others in the homeschooling community do. I really enjoyed researching this post and had a lot of fun getting ideas for my own kids.

Enjoy and God Bless you and your family this Christmas season.

By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell; November 27th, 2017 


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