10 Gifts Your Teen Will Love

Kori Tomeldon

Teens are not easy to shop for. I feel like technology does not help this a bit now. I want to get the teens in my life something nice, they deserve it, but I can’t ever afford the things they are interested in or want. I decided to dig deep. By digging deep I mean staying up too late and googling. This has led me to make another fun top ten list for the Christmas season. Most of the gifts I found are affordable and are actually neat. I hope this helps you with your shopping journey.

10 Gifts Your Teen Will Love

teen gifts

Gift Idea #1: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poster 

Star WarsThe Last Jedi

Add a frame and this poster is just cool. It looks really nice and definitely will move with your teen from home to college to their own place. I love the peacefulness of this poster and the watercolor look. This poster is from Target and is only 8.00.

Gift Idea #2: Umbra Picture Frames

Umbra Picture Frames.jpg

I would have loved this gift at pretty much any age, including now. Plus, if your teen is going off to college then I consider this gift a requirement! This is such a cool gift idea, I may just keep it for myself. Despite this digital age people still print out their favorite pictures and want to see a hard copy and display them with pride. We are proud of our friendships, relationships, and adventures and we want to show them off. This picture frame is 25.00 and from Macy’s is a wonderful idea.

Gift Idea #3: My Grandma: Her Stories. Her WordsMy GrandmaHer Storieser Words

I love this interview journal. This notebook is filled with meaningful questions that will create a better bond and forever hold your family history. Through answering questions and sharing stories this will be a most beloved gift. Maybe this is not the perfect gift now but imagine how much they will love this journal when they are older or become parents or grandparents themselves. They will be so thankful for this gift and you will too. This book is 11.00 and from Crate and Barrel.

Gift Idea #4: The Art Of Chill Board GameBig G Creative Bob RossThe Art Of Chill Board Game.jpg

This gift is fun and a good one. The Art of Chill Board Game is a chill race to the finish. You need to finish one of his paintings before he does. You will learn over 10 painting techniques and the game comes with art supplies. Ever wonder how Bob makes such great paintings in such a short time? Well here is one way to put it to the test. This will be a fun game that your teen will have a blast with. Sold by Target for 25.00.

Gift Idea #5: Star Wars Origami


I Love the Star Wars Origami set. It comes with the paper and instructions. This is a gift and ‘craft’ that will last a long time, maybe even the whole year and it will not just sit there on a shelf. Your teen will learn wonderful talent while having fun. You will create the actual Star Wars characters and ships while using the special paper it comes with to make it look just like Yoda. This book set is 17.00 and from Sacks.

Gift #6: Steiner Sports Team Signs

homee signs

I am more of a ‘Go Sports Team!’ kind of girl but 95% of the people in my life are not that way. That is how I know this gift will be loved. These are good quality signs and they offer a lot of teams to choose from. I live in Maine so I made sure the Celtics were available, and that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge. But, they do offer many teams, if not all of them and I know this is a great gift for any sports lover in your life.  These signs are 60.00 and from 123Stores.

Gift #7: Personalized Clock


This type of gift is hard to pinpoint a price. The price range is about 20.00-40.00 I am all about long-lasting gifts and I think a clock that you choose based on interests and personality is a wonderful gift. 123Stores even has an ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ clock for your upcoming high school graduate. This gift will show you put thought into your gift for your teen and actually thought about what they liked and are interested in. Plus, when they kill their phone battery they will still be able to figure out what time it is.

Gift #8: Utter Nonsense Family Board Game

Utter Nonsense Family Board Game.jpg

This is a great game for your teen and the whole family. Maybe they will not play with their family but they will have fun with friends either way. This game has over 400 cards so the chances of it getting old will not happen. This game combines you making silly accents with even sillier phrases. There will be laughs all around, even for those teens with attitudes (I was guilty of that one). Target carries this wonderful game for 25.00.

Gift #9: Etsy Personalised Heart & Name Bag

Etsy Personalised Heart & Name Make Up Bag.jpg

A personal touch, this bag is a wonderful Etsy creation. Order with your teen’s name and have it shipped in time. This bag will be appreciated and loved.  I love the personalized heart and the creator also offers many gifts that will complement the bag. This personalized bag is 11.24 and is from Etsy.

Gift #10: The Pusheen Coloring book

Pusheen Coloring Book.jpg

Can we all appreciate now that there is no age limit on coloring anymore? The huge rage in adult coloring books has taken over the world and while at times I thought it was a little silly I have totally come around! Pusheen the beloved cat now has her own coloring book. Your teen will love this gift. Not only will it get them off of their phone but they won’t notice since Pusheen is the silly kitty we are all texting each other with. Target sells the Pusheen coloring book for 9.20.

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Gifts for Teens. Leave your comments about your own gifts you got your teens or your suggestions for family. I have many teens in my life and really enjoyed getting ideas and making a helpful list for not just myself but my readers. If you enjoyed this list you will also enjoy Top Ten Gifts For Your Homeschooler.

teen gifts.png
By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell; November 29th, 2017

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6 thoughts on “10 Gifts Your Teen Will Love

  1. I love the journal! Such a unique gift! Board games have been something my husband and I have been loving, this list might be for teen agers but I think I may need to pick up the Utter Nonsense for us!


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