5 Purses Mum Actually Wants under $50

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I love shopping and I love bags. I don’t wear make-up or stock up on shoes but when it comes to totes, purses, backpacks, and bags I am just weak in the knees. So when my kids were all occupied and I was ‘window’ shopping online I decided to have a little fun and make a list of purses, one of the most expensive accessories, that mums may actually want and they all cost $50.00 or under. Hopefully, this will make your Christmas shopping better.

5 Purses Mum Actually Wants under $50

  1. Chelsea28 Faux Leather Tote


This is a sturdy tote that will fit everything you need. It also comes with a nice matching zip pouch to hold your wallet or anything small you don’t want to get lost in the bottom of your bag. I really like the color and feel of this bag. I also really like the fact that it is a tote but stronger and nicer looking.

2. SAKROOTS Artist Circle Crossbody Bag


This bag is nothing short of beautiful. I love the floral patterns on the bag and the nice sturdy strap. This purse will always be ready to go out the door and it is just big enough to fit that one diaper you may need for a quick trip to the library.

3. French Connection Unlined Drawstring Tote Bag & Pouch


This may be my favorite. The color is just beautiful, the strength necessary, and the drawstring is brilliant. I also appreciate the smaller pouch that it comes with. The room is perfect for a mum and the overall look and practicality are very appreciated.

4. Sequin Crossbody Bag


Can mum have a night out on the town? It doesn’t matter because either way, she deserves this beautiful purse. The chain is pretty and sturdy and the purse is big enough to fit the necessities.

5. Nina Floral Print Velvet Envelope Clutch


My last purse is just art in its own right. It is still useable and durable. It is fun with its envelope shape but the design and material are just beautiful and elegant. You will feel like royalty with this clutch. The chain is a beautiful gold color and has a wonderful feel and look to it. Every time I look at this beautiful purse my heart skips a little. I just love everything about it. It is one of the most definitions of elegant purses I have seen before.


I hope you had a little fun killing time and looking at my 5 Purse Mum Actually Wants under $50. Drop a picture in the comments and let me see the purses that you love!

By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell; December 6th, 2017  Updated; March 14th, 2020


Kori Tomeldon


11 thoughts on “5 Purses Mum Actually Wants under $50

  1. I love both of the bags that come woth a zip tote to use as a wallet. I also love that they are big enough you can through some baby essentials in, instead of carrying a diaper bag.

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    • Right after I had my first child I learned that unless it was handmade all diaper bags are the worst to carry around! I love that a few of these are big enough to hold it all and look nice and others are small enough that they will not take up a lot of space while waiting for a night out.


    • Same here! Being a mum, homeschooling, and being a caregiver means you need to have stuff on hand but is easy to carry and doesn’t look horrible! So hard to find and I know some of these do not meet that requirment but a few do and you-and all mums- disserve to have fun!


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