So, What is the plan?

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I’m sitting here alone in my room with homemade chocolate covered popcorn, in the world’s biggest bowl. I’m alone. Alone with my thoughts and alone with the option to watch WHATEVER I want on Netflix, with no regard to anyone’s opinions. My kids are upstairs and my husband is spending some much needed time with his brother.
I love this kind of time.

Today has been a lazy day of sorts. I have a new book I took out from my library that has been burning a hole in our library bag, we went to our monthly library book sale this morning, and all of my kids have a cold bug-somehow I have dodged the cold, fingers crossed. I have had a day where I left all the toys and litter on the floor and haven’t touched the sink since I finished the dishes last night while I was making dinner. The good thing about lazy days is right in the description, all mothers-regardless of the number of kids or schooling situations- need a lazy day, many in a row if that is ever possible. It is never possible in my house.

My issue with lazy days though is I am not busy so I am able to think, worse when I end the night with free time. I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off so I am able to think about my day, or in this case my week.
My thoughts were spinning out of control! Did I spend too much online? Did the kids learn enough this week? Was it a decent school week? Did I study enough for my own education? Did I clean enough? What can I do to improve my housekeeping skills?

Was I a good enough mother? Daughter? Friend? Wife?
and the big one:
Did I spend enough time with God?
which ties in with the next question running through my head right now: What do I want to do when I grow up?
Isn’t that such a silly question?! As a grown woman, a married woman, a mother, I still ask myself that question! I know the answer to that question though. If I spent enough time with God he would tell me.


A sigh of relief!
All my worries, all my questions, all my questioning, completely relieved now.
So wonderful!
My life is wonderful and my family is wonderful.
My path, whatever it may be, is in the hands of the most wonderful maker and I know no matter how hard times will get, no matter how unbelievably wonderful times may get, I am in the best care.

Maybe my life may change, maybe my career will change, maybe I will finally complete a project. Whatever is on the schedule I know that if I just spend the time I need with God all my worries will lessen.

By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell;  Updated; March 21st, 2020

Kori Tomeldon

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