2018 Kindness Calendar

I know it is February 12th, 2 days before Valentine’s Day. A week ago I submitted my 2018 Kindness Calendar to a few of the worksheet sites I am apart of and today I am very excited to share my 2018 Kindness Calendar for you to use!


It took me over a month to put this calendar together but I am so proud of it and had so much fun making it. I tried my best to make sure that every single day of the year had something different that could be done. Putting my calendar late on my blog is a benefit because there is a whole extra month available that you could pick and choose from to do something extra or do instead of a day where you do not want to do that action.

This calendar is geared toward kids of any age but anyone can use it! It is a wonderful reminder that no matter what we can do something nice, big or small, and it will make an impact.

Download the 2018 Kindness Calendar Here

I don’t want you as parents to feel pressured to do every single task like clockwork. It is ok to miss a day or mix up your days or just pick a day to do randomly. This calendar isn’t supposed to be more pressure on your already busy lives, it is supposed to be a reminder to do something nice when you can.

I hope you enjoy the calendar and you are able to use it. I would absolutely love to see comments on how you used my calendar or what your children enjoyed.


Have a wonderful day! Enjoy my 2018 Kindness Calendar!

13 thoughts on “2018 Kindness Calendar

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