10 Careers for At Home Mums

I am a stay at home mother but I have always worked. Some may call that a work at home mother (WAHM) but I never really see it as that. First and foremost, I am a stay at home mum. I homeschool my 4 kids, I volunteer, I help organize a local homeschool co-op, I write, I dream, I am on town committees, and I am an awful homemaker (can anyone else tell me they are bad at cleaning too? I need my tribe!). I have always worked though, always done something. At one point I did have a ‘normal’ job where I was out of the home (and I still homeschooled). I worked shifts like 3pm-1am, 4am-7am, 4pm-3:30am, and I worked for two years 3-4 days a week from 9am-6pm. Once I was married and having our first child, I spent the first 3.5 years at home, then I worked out of home for another 3.5 years, and now I am back at home full time. Even with money struggles we all still prefer myself being at home. There were a few months in our family where dad stayed home and I stayed at work because I had a better paying job, but it didn’t work well. Most of my life I always worked at least two jobs, many times three. Now, I am home though, primary all the time. Money can still be super tight but God always provides. With a combination of what I do for work from home and talking to some other local Maine mums, I made this awesome list of 10 careers that are perfect, useful, and helpful for busy mums that stay home. All the mums I spoke to are also homeschooling mums too so that is an extra perk! 10 careers

Job #1

Birth Worker

Birth work is a passion of mine and always will be. The true fulfillment of being a part of such a miracle is something I cherish every opportunity that I am blessed with. I have been a birth worker for almost 10 years, and I pretty much was one before I started having children. Having a rewarding career as a birth worker gives you an opportunity to help new mothers in a variety of ways. You can certify as a birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation educator, placenta specialist, childbirth educator, or as a loss doula. A doula is a person (typically a woman) who helps an expecting mother with physical and emotional non-medical and evidenced-based support and coping measures through pregnancy and labor/birth. Madriella is a wonderful organization where you can certify as a Birth and Postpartum doula for a total of 150.00 (save 50.00 when you use coupon code Mitchell103) or you can certify in all that I listed plus massage for laboring woman, ethics, and professional development for only 300.00 (save off the total when you use code MITCHELL103 at checkout). Don’t worry, they offer payment plans and the program is all online with in-person workshops available. Madriella is by far the best doula organization to be a part of. Their support system is unlike any other I have seen, for any profession. They are affordable yet their quality surpasses any other program I have seen or certified with. Their ethics are something I can strongly stand beside. Whether you are a professional birth worker, volunteer, a CNA/Nurse/PSS/etc, or just looking to help your daughter or BFF Madriella is the organization to be with.

Job #2

Young Living Oils

Young Living Oils is an essential oils company based in Utah that allows people to have a very successful online business. The mother from who I learned about Young Living is able to have some extra spending money on hand and has her business 100% online and does not need to have any massive merchandise taking up space in her home. As a homeschooling parent, not taking up space is very important! Young Living sells pure oils, has a code of ethics listed on their website, and you can choose your ‘starter kit’ which really just supplies you’ll be using in your own home or just sign up as a regular customer, both affordable options. This homeschooling mother does great with Young Living, and that is saying something because her town is smaller than mine! So much smaller the internet/phone lines don’t run to her(the internet tubes don’t run there according to Raising Hope :p)! Her Young Living career has really made a positive impression on me.

Job #3

Teaching English as a Second Language

I love working with Cambly. I make my own hours that work around my husband or just when I see the kids are distracted for a few minutes. I do not have to follow a strict lesson plan, and it is 100% online. With Cambly you are an online tutor teaching anyone around the world English as a Second Language. It is a lot of fun. One set of 15 minutes could be someone from South America and your next half hour could be someone from Germany. Through the Cambly program, you will be teaching adults and children. The company provides a slew of resources to get you started. Resources provided are unlimited options to be structured and creative. From lists of questions to topic suggestions to the article of the day that your student may have read, you will not get bored. You are teaching by connecting with the student and having a conversation with them. This is all online and done by the app on your smartphone or on the laptop-which is how I do it. You do not need a college degree to tutor on Cambly.

Job #4

Monat Representative

I learned about Monat from a homeschooling mother of all boys. She loves Monat and is very successful, and that is saying something because this is a TINY town we live in. Monat is a naturally-based hair care line, it is the number one selling hair care brand in the USA. Monat makes their products in the USA, which is very import detail since we live in a former mill town. The products are made without silicones, harsh chemicals, are vegan, and are gluten-free. My favorite thing about Monat is they are certified animal testing free by Leaping Bunny. This mum actually uses her products and can testify to them, she struggled with naturally curly, semi-ethnic, frizzy hair her whole life. I had no idea! Her hair always looks perfect, in place, and straight most of the time! Here is a direct quote from this mum who was the third Monat rep in Maine “It hasn’t been a get rich quick because nothing is, but I have worked less than I thought I would to get to where I am now. I’ve started with other direct sales companies in the past and didn’t get far. I’m not the most outgoing person so the home parties format just wasn’t for me. My business is solely based on word of mouth, no parties required.” The company is family owned, debt free, and has expanded out of the USA. Her career with Monat has been very impressive and helped her family very much.

Job #5

International Exchange Coordinator

I have been an IEC for 3 years now and have loved every single moment of it. It is a job that is truly making a difference. I work for a non-profit called Education First which is based in Boston.  EF works with 12 different countries and brings international high school exchange students to different parts of the US to study for their full and half-year abroad. EF is an English immersion educational program and its students are held to just as high standards. EF is also the official Education Services Sponsor of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics! As an IEC you supervise and mentor these amazing students and their host families during their stay, they must live within 120 miles of you. You check in monthly with your exchange students and host families, help the volunteer host families with their paperwork and conduct the home interviews, are available to answer any questions and help with issues throughout the year, complete paperwork with the attending high school (which I always do via e-mail), and complete incoming and leaving orientations for the students and host families. I only leave my home to complete the host family interview! I have been a volunteer host family and an IEC without hosting a student, you do not need to host to be an IEC. Do not think for a second your town is too small to bother with such a rewarding career! I have supervised students who attended schools with just 100 students in attendance and I have met IECs who have even smaller high schools around them. The program is about real English immersion and creating lifelong connections and friendships, seeing the real United States. 

Job #6

Creating Worksheets

You do not have to be a teacher or homeschooler to make worksheets. Sure, it helps because you are doing it anyway but it is also so much fun. While it is not consistent income, I have been making worksheets with these 4 companies for a year this summer and have has so much fun with it. You make your worksheet, powerpoint, resource, class, poster, or whatever else you can think of on any subject and upload it to these sites and set your rate. While pinning and advertising may help it doesn’t necessarily matter. I logged into one of the sites today and saw someone had bought something just yesterday and I hadn’t uploaded a worksheet in over a month, it was also a worksheet I had created this summer.

Teachers Pay TeachersTeachers Pay Teachers is very popular in the education world. You will need to upload one product that is free but after that initial first publish you can set your price for any other work you create. TpT is a great resource and gives a lot of advice on how to up your sales. They send your sale earnings out via paypal automatically once a month, no matter how much it is.

Teacher Lingo: Teacher Lingo is a wonderful resource. You can set your own rates and your name gets out there very easily. You can sign up to be apart of their sales that they email out to customers. On the dashboard, you have a nice option to just pin any of your products without opening every single page and you can see how many views and sample views each of your products have received.

Teachers NotebookTeachers Notebook is super user-friendly. It is by far the easiest publishing system I have used and is perfect for anyone, especially a beginner. On your dashboard, you can see all sales and views all in one place. Royalties are up to 75% and you have the option to become a member and have access to more options and views, a great option if you are a teacher or homeschooler.

CurrClickCurrClick is very popular among homeschoolers. They have resources from the top educational companies. I really enjoy publishing with CurrClick because they have an option called ‘Pay What You Can’ and you can set a suggested price and customers can pay as much or as little. Sure, I have had some people get a worksheet for free but I have had just as many wonderful customers pay more than a suggested price. CurrClick is very reliable but every single product you upload needs to be approved. I have had a few not approved that sold fine on my other sites. You have the option to be paid via check, paypal, on a schedule, or cash out as you want.

Job #7

Review Ads 

Slice the Pie is a really cool website where you watch ads, look at logos, listen to music, and more and give your honest feedback about the band, product, commercial, logo, etc. Companies use this site to get honest opinions from the consumer about their advertising. You are paid per review. It is a pretty cool and easy program to be a part of. I really enjoy testing out new music and I can do it while the kids are being as loud as possible. While I do everything from my laptop (I do not own a smartphone) I do believe you can use Slice the Pie on your smartphone. 

Job #8

Babysit Dogs

That’s right, I wrote ‘babysit dogs‘. I am so tired of looking up ways to make money from home and I always read ‘Babysitting’ like no one on the face of the Earth has ever thought about babysitting before! Do you like dogs but do not want to live with one? This is me! My family and I love dogs but I refuse to have one, I’ll be the one doing all the work :p. Rover is an awesome app that you can sign up for to dog sit. You can accept and decline customers around your preferences and schedule. You set your rate and Rover pays you via paypal after the stay is complete. They will always make sure you are paid and you are covered under their umbrella.  I live 30ish minutes from a state park that does not allow dogs, summer is my busy time of year. The dogs stay with us while their owners are visiting, hiking, or whatever else they are doing. With Rover you can also travel to the pets home, dog sit, or offer to dog walk (which is very popular in cities). Rover costs nothing to be a part of (but they do keep a small percentage of your rate which is fine because you’re covered under them and using their system) the program is definitely worth your time. You can have kids and other pets (we have a cat) in your home and still work with Rover, you just include those details on your profile so you will not watch a  type of pet that would not work with your home. I have had great success with Rover and enjoy my puppy time.

Job #9

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a hard gig to get started in. Affiliate marketing is advertising for another company and when others order from that company you receive a small commission. I am a part of a few affiliate programs but these are the two I really suggest using.
ShopStyle is my favorite affiliate company. You are paid per link click (0.5-0.30) and per sale. ShopStyle is different than most programs because you choose the actual products, not company, that you like. This is a Pinterest dream! ShopStyle allows you to pin any and everything and everytime someone clicks that you receive a commission. No blog, website, facebook page, etc are required to be a part of ShopStyle
 Share A Sale is a wonderful affiliate program that is the most user-friendly one I have ever seen. Share A Sale lets you choose what companies you would like to affiliate with. They give you a custom link to every company that approves working with you and you have access to many custom banners. Some companies you have to be approved but some your approved automatically and can start working on them immediately. A blog or website is not required but helpful and will give you more opportunity to get approved by companies. I was approved by companies well before I had a blog and just had Facebook community pages. With the custom links though you can share those links and get paid on orders. Share A Sale has your links and companies easily accessible on the front page and you have the option to go to each separate company and choose the type of banners you would like to use.

Job #10

is a wonderful tutoring company that gives you the ability to make your own schedule and you can teach online or in person. No college degree is necessarily required but you will need to take and pass a test in the subjects you wish to teach. There are a few subjects that you do not need to take a test to tutor in but you need to submit an essay and qualifications on how you are qualified, like Homeschooling and Biblical Studies, both subjects I offer to tutor in. This system makes sense, I mean you wouldn’t someone who didn’t know what they are talking about teaching your child. I do appreciate that tutors are required to be approved and take a test to prove they can tutor, it is based on knowledge. Wyant helps you set your rates and the students have to schedule and pay through their system so you will never have to worry about not getting paid. Wyzant also helps with many resources to get your tutoring business started and offers many ideas, plans, and advice.

Honorable Mentions:

Here are three popular ways to help with money, budget, or earn some extra funds. Sometimes doing something a little easier is better than taking on a whole job. I mean being a full-time mum at home is hard enough work some days!

SwagbucksEvery time I look for at home work Swagbucks comes up. It has never paid off for me to be a part of Swagbucks and the online places I shop from are never part of the program. Many people have had great success with Swagbucks so it is definitely a look into. While there are no places around me that participate in Swagbucks there are many restaurants in bigger cities that participate in the program and you can get points back. You will not get rich but your points may stack up and you’ll be able to do something with them one day. It takes no extra time or effort to be in the Swagbucks program so you may as well sign up and see how it works for you.

Simple: Simple is a great online bank that creates an easy envelope type system to save money your way. I have many different categories that my money goes into, always untouched, that I can save for any event. I always use the envelope system to budget and save money so Simple is perfect. I get paid and they automatically sort money into my accounts and I can get on my account online or with the app and sort as I need and then put it into my spending account when I shop. With Simple, they are 100% online. You can mail checks and money orders to them to cash. You can also take pictures of your checks to cash with the app. Their e-mail and phone customer service are superb and you can earn little rewards (like a new wallet) when you refer your friends.

Achievement: Achievement is an app/website that rewards you for healthy choices at no cost to you. With Achievement, you earn points as rewards. You earn points for doing or posting health-related things, referring friends, health surveys, etc. If you earn 10,000 points you earn 10.00 (and it’s pretty easy). Achievement is an app/site you should definitely be apart of and have your husband be a part of too! Incentives and rewards make being healthy worth it even more. If possible, download the app, even more rewards are available using the app

Yes, I know there is a million and ten work at home blogs out there, especially for mums. But I hope this one is helpful to you. I wrote everything from personal experience and by asking mums around my town so you are reading honest ways that actually work. I hope this makes your finances a little better and you find an at-home career you enjoy. If you would like more details about any of these jobs please feel free to comment or e-mail me and I will answer any questions as best as I can or send you to someone who can.
Blessings, Ashley

updated on August 1st 2020 by Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell

14 thoughts on “10 Careers for At Home Mums

  1. Stay at home moms are very under rated. I think that’s the hardest job ever. My kids are grown now but I had a liscense home daycare for 19 years so I could be home with my kids and have an income.
    You sound like you are very busy! Thanks for sharing your favorite affiliates, I am going to check them out. Be blessed!!

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