My 5 Favorite Reading Kindle Apps for Kids

My kids love the Kindle. They are not on it 24/7 but we do have a lot of games for them at their disposal. I choose all their Kindle games. Whatever the games are I have 100% control over. I also do not pay for any games, even for myself. While my kids are outside playing I would love to share my favorite Kindle apps that my kids love to play and that help with their reading skills. Please note, these apps are used for kiddos ages 2.5, 8, and 5.5.
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Endless Reader by Orgininator Inc.

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I love this app. Our version is advertisement free. The kids choose words that are offered A-Z and have to match the letters to the words. There are also full sentences where you have to match the word to the word in the sentence. My kids play this game almost everytime I say ‘Yes’ to tablet time.
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Phonics and Reading with McGuffey by
Bible Belles:  Heroes for Her!

I love this app. It isn’t my kids favorite but they will play it. My oldest, 8, is not a fan, she doesn’t see it as ‘fun’. My 5-year-old though does really well with it and watching him actually learn how to read and spell is such a joy. This app is pretty simple. It is a lot of learning to read, heavy phonics-which I like because they are learning to read correctly, and matching by sight and knowledge. If you can encourage your child to use this app it will make a huge difference.

Starfall Free & Member by Starfall Education LLC

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The Starfall app is super loved and used in this house. The Starfall app is a replica of the website you are probably very familiar with. There is a difference between the free version and the membership version, just like using the website, but there are still a ton of options. All three of my kids love the Starfall app. You can learn songs (which mine sing all the time), learn your letters and numbers, have the use of safe and educational games like building yourself, learn calendar skills, and a lot more. The Starfall app is very useful and just as good (though we think better) than the website.
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Pre-School Bubble School by 22 Learn LLC


Our app doesn’t have all the games available that are in this image but the image provided is from the Amazon website and it does say free download. This game is definitely for the younger kiddos. It is a very simple but fun game. You choose your category and then bubbles come up with those images and you have to pop them. This is great for letter recognition and even if it is for the younger kids it is a great tool to quiz my five-year-old.

Learn Languages With Rosetta Stone by Rosetta Stone Ltd.

Rosetta Stone is a great resource to learn any language but I have especially enjoyed the English option. This is a great way to quiz anyone one what they have learned and remember and encourage them to go out of their reading comfort zone. It is a great way to start early reading without fully diving into sight words. which is a method we do not use. This app has diverse my 2.5-year-old’vocabulary as well as improved my 8 year old’s reading and spelling skills.

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I love using the Kindle as a homeschool resource, especially since our style of schooling is pretty relaxed but in an education filled home. I hope these 5 apps come to use for you and you have great luck. All these apps are free and advertisement free. They also work off wifi, which I turn off the wifi a quite a bit on the Kindle to discourage ads or paid options on the games. I know that most these apps are available on devices that use google play, I do not own any apple products but I know I have used these apps on other devices with luck.

Happy Learning!

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  1. It’s good to have a resource to share with friends who homeschool their kids – or moms who want some safe, free apps for their kids to use. There are so many out there it can be hard to sort through them all.

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