Review: Broadway’s Best The Wizard of Oz

This Tuesday my daughter and I were extremely lucky enough to be able to attend the Wizard of Oz musical at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

The Wizard of Oz has been one of m favorite movies for as long as I can remember. My first stuffed dog I received as a child I named Toto. I dressed up as Dorothy on more than on Halloween. I have bought every collector’s anniversary set of the Wizard of Oz.  When I found out Wizard of Oz was coming to Bangor I was hopeful. When I received tickets as a gift and we got to attend with family I was ecstatic.

So if Broadway’s Best Wizard of Oz performance comes to your town should you see it?


The musical is well worth the price and your time. The performance was perfect. The characters all their own while sticking to the story. There are many new musical numbers that are incredibly enjoyable and fit in with the play perfectly. If you bring your kids (which you should) they will be sitting on the edge of their seats in awe the whole time. I did not see one kid there whose eyes were not glued to the performance.

Kalie Kaimann was a wonderful Dorothy. Exactly the Dorothy we all love and have grown up with. She portrayed Dorothy flawlessly and her singing voice is just absolutely beautiful.

Overall I was and still am beyond words on how wonderful Broadway’s Best in Bangor the Wizard of Oz performance really is. The cast, every member was spot on and perfect. The play was engaging, very well performed, and the characters are all just as you love and remember. If this musical comes to your city jump o the opportunity and go enjoy it!

This review is of my own and no one else’s. I was not asked or paid to give this review. I did not receive anything in exchange for a review. 

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