Lesson: The First Robin of Spring

Have you read the book of poetry by a homeschool dad with pictures by his awesome homeschooled son?

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If not you need to go over to Blue Moose Publishing and get your copy ASAP!
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This lesson is about the first poem in the book Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems by R.James Sands with illustrations done by his son Ronan J. Sands


The First Robin of Spring

Now if you live in Maine right now, or New England you will know our pain right now. I knew I was going to teach part of this book. When I was reading through Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems I was trying to pick which poem or illustration would be the best to focus on. I flipped through the book, switching between seasons of poems trying to find a good fit. The first poem in the book was the last one I read. It was PERFECT! The First Robin of Spring was the perfect poem to focus on.

This lesson was taught in a co-op setting but will be fitting for any child and family.

The First Robin of Spring is a poem about Jack Frost and Jack Robin. Jack Robin knows that it is springtime but Jack Frost is overstaying his welcome. Spring comes, then it freezes, Jack Frost and Jack Robin fight for their proper seasons. Could this poem be any more fitting right now?

The children loved this poem. It was engaging and so relative right now. Especially since we were preparing for freezing rain yesterday. Jack Frost and Jack Robin in an epic battle. I asked the older students to write their own epic battle poems. That was the whole criteria. We went over how poems do not need to rhyme and that poems can be long or short. They went with it. I walked around the table to help with ideas or focus but overall the kids ran with it. We had epic battles between the sun and the moon, unicorns, ninjas, pandas and water, all kinds of ideas. They were wonderful! Kids are just so creative! They need no rules. They had 30 minutes to write their poems and they did great.

Now it was time to switch age groups. With the younger children, we read more poems from the book Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems and we looked at all the pictures that Ronan Sands designed. After we got our giggles out over reading the poem Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky Then it was time to get working. Each child had the opportunity to pick which poem an older student had written and draw the picture for it. Some children did more than one, others just did one. It worked out great. The kids were really creative in their art and the pictures were very fitting.

Sticking with the type of book we were studying it was fitting to have the older kids write the poems and the younger ones to design the art. I will be putting our poems and art together and creating our own book of poems and art.

I hope this inspires your projects that you plan on doing with Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems and I cannot wait to hear what you and your homeschoolers came up with!


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