Children and American Pride

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If you live in Maine then you know (or should know) that a great American hero‘s anniversary is coming up at the end of June. It will have been 25 years since MSG Gary Gordon died for our country. He left behind children, parents, and family. His hometown has been working hard to honor this anniversary.

Do your children know the names of those who died for our country that are from your community? What about just in your family? Do they say thank you when they see a veteran?

Why not?

Where has our American pride gone?

I do not teach my children politics. I teach them right from wrong and respect and then they can attempt to see where they fit in when they are older in the political world. I don’t fit in into this political world. I don’t expect they will either. I didn’t vote for major political parties in this past presidential elections. Just because I did not vote along the lines of Democrat or Republican nominees does not mean I want our country to fail. I will always cheer for our country! I will always want us to succeed. I do not whine when my chosen candidate loses. I may disagree with things but you know what I have always disagreed with political things from the past and some of them are working fine now.

I want my children to be proud of their country and to respect others. To respect others differences and opinions. We do not all have to agree on every single thing but we all should be able to have the ability to respect each other and come together.

I keep hearing kids are too young to understand sacrifice. Kids are too young to know what a veteran is or what they did. The truth is they are not too young. Our kids deserve to know what these men and women have done for our country. They need to know! We need to be teaching history. We need to be teaching respect. I am not trying to add something else to a teacher’s to-do list. I am adding something to your to-do list though.

We live in a wonderful country and I live in the greatest state in our country. I hope you feel that way about where you live. If you do not feel that way take a step back and ask yourself why? There was a time when I was negative about where I lived and guess whose fault that was? Mine! No one to blame but myself.

My children will be proud of where they live! They ARE proud to live here. They will work hard, they will pick up trash and plant flowers, they will tend their own gardens and give away the extra, they will learn the power of volunteering and helping others.

They will know the meaning of sacrifice and thank our veterans for fighting for our country.

They already do all this and will continue to do so. Because they are proud of their community and country. They care about others and they are the ones teaching me to look beyond, to be more thankful, be more caring, to help more and whine less.

We are a proud family living in the United States of America. We are proud to live here. We love our state. We love our community. We will treat it all with respect, caring, and kindness.

Our home says Thank You to our veterans. For those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Thank You and those who you left behind are in our prayers every single day.

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