50 Ways To Homeschool for Free Part 1

Rent Books

As a homeschooling parent, I hear all the time that homeschooling is very expensive. I understand where that is coming from. The fact is though that homeschooling is not expensive. You could essentially homeschool for free, and yes that includes printing costs. I am going to share 50 ways to homeschool for free. This is a combination of things you can get in the mail, printables, websites, ideas, and more. No more will you be saying “I can’t afford to homeschool”. Between this post and my post about Careers For At Home Mums, you have got this covered!

Go Mum! Go Dad! I am cheering you on! Now all we need to do is obtain perfect patience 🙂

Homeschool For FREE

1. Free Homeschooling Worksheets from The Happy Homeschooling Mum

I create my own worksheets for my children and share them on this blog. I believe education should be free and I want to live up to that philosophy of mine and share what I create. You can do this too! Just take a look at the worksheets I have created. They do not have to be overwhelming or fancy and you can create them to focus on your children’s interest and learning level.

2. Blue Moose Publishing Children’s Poetry

Blue Moose Publishing is a wonderful publishing company in Maine. It is run by a homeschooling family. I have written about their book of poetry for children twice. Lesson: The First Robin of Spring and they were my #1 book in my post 10 Books by Maine Authors You Want to Buy Now. Blue Moose has created free lesson plans for every single one of their children’s poems. They are easy but meaningful lessons and they meet common core standards.

3. Currclick

Currclick is a wonderful homeschool resource. They have materials created by other homeschoolers and companies. They have many free and pay-what-you-can materials. Just go to the search bar and find everything you are looking for.

4. Go To Your Local Library

Why are you spending a fortune on books when we still have our local libraries? Free books, free internet, and (average) 0.25 copies. Almost every library participates in the Inter-Library Loan program where they can get any book, movie, or magazine you want from any library in the country. This program is free. My tiny library (it is tiny but wonderful) had found books for everything I have needed from my own Doula studies to Life of Fred to Irish Study Lessons. If it has been published your library can find it. Even if your library says they may not participate in this program I have heard of many mums who went and looked at their state government websites and found out that indeed they did.

5. Colgate Dentist School Kit

This kit is free and comes in the mail. I ordered it on Feb. 28th and it arrived on March 13th. It comes with a bunch of learning material about keeping your teeth clean and why it is important. It also comes with reading materials, 1 DVD, and toothbrushes. This is a really cool kit. Type Homeschool or your homeschool ‘name’ for the school name section.

6. Copy of The Constitution and Declaration of Independence 

Hillside College will send a free copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. This comes in a small little book. I know you can just google these important documents and have it instantly but this little book is nice to have on hand and looks better than just a printed piece of paper.

7. Create Your Own Homeschool ID Cards

This program is really cool. Online you can ‘name’ your homeschool (my kids pick a name every year) and then you fill in some info, load a picture, and off you go! Your own printable ID cards. You can use these cards to receive teacher and student discounts! There is also an option to order these cards for under $10 if you want them to look and feel like ID cards. We laminated ours and have never had an issue.

8. Pizza Hut Book-It

Did you know homeschoolers qualify for the Pizza Hut Book-It Program? Just like every other elementary student in the USA. Your kiddo can also get a free personal pizza for reading!

9. Hearing Loss Information

Hearing loss is on the rise. Do you or your kids want to know why? The health department will send you the handouts and bookmarks of your choice so you can learn about hearing loss. They also have special farm editions.

10. Access to ABC Mouse

This freebie isn’t perfect but it is pretty cool. Elementary teachers can get access to the classroom/lesson part of ABC Mouse for their students for free. Many families have qualified. I joined in with my local co-op to gain access for everyone.

11. ReadBooks Book Bag for the Blind

This is for students who are blind. The National Braille Program will send one braille book bag for every blind child in your home. This is a wonderful program that has helped many families.

12. Discovery K12

Discovery K12 is a wonderful program created by a homeschool parent. This is a free homeschool program for grades PreK-12. Every single day has different lessons for all subjects: History, LA, Gym, Spelling, Science, Art, etc. The creator has covered every grade and subject. They also offer special subjects like coding and foreign language. This program is free and keeps track of work that has been done. We use the K and 3rd-grade program, it takes us about an hour at most to complete.

13. Starfall

Starfall is wonderful website and app. While you may buy a membership I don’t see why you would need to. Between their wonderful website and their 3 apps you can download for free everything you need is accessible. Reading, math, phonics, songs, everything is useful and they make learning so much fun!

14. International Children’s Library

This website is full of e-books. So many that you will find what you are looking for. These books are available in English as well as many other languages. This program is free and provides a lot of literary options.

15. The Homeschool Foundation

The Homeschool Foundation is a resource you need to keep on hand! The Homeschool Foundation offers a lot of assistance. They have an amazing and generous Kids Curriculum Grant that you can apply for at no cost to you. They also have other programs to assist homeschoolers. Just a few examples are grants for emergencies, single parents, widows and more.

16. Suessville

Suessville is a website that offers anything and everything you need to go along with your Dr. Suess collection. Printables, lessons, games, whatever you need you can find it on Suessville.

17. Playground Parkbench

This website is full of awesome craft ideas and STEM activities. Take a look around and discover all the hands-on ways you could homeschool instead of using worksheets or the computer. You will really get creative.

18. Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschooling is a Christian K-12 free homeschooling curriculum. Created by a homeschooling mother. You will be given book lists, games, worksheets, books, and supply lists. While this method did not work for my family I have heard many success stories and positive outcomes.

19. Moby Max

Moby Max is another program that you could use as a full curriculum. They offer all subjects to study online. Everything is common core and available to homeschoolers. Your child will learn at their levels and move up or slow down as needed. You will be able to view all their progress and help them along the way. I really enjoy their phonics and science subjects.

20. Study Myths and Legends

This website is a lot of fun. You can learn about all different types of myths and legends as well as create your own. They offer stories, games, lessons, and many ways to make studying myths fun.

21. Kid Zone

Kids Zone is a great learning resource. This website offers activities and worksheets for all subjects and is geared toward elementary students.

22. STEM Curriculum

I feel STEM is very important in education and us homeschoolers are really lucky because we can incorporate STEM every day. Think Engineering is an organization that offers free K-12 STEM activities, lesson plans, and other helpful resources.

23. Learn About Astronauts

NASA has equipped us with all the information needed about astronauts. Visit the NASA Kennedy Space website and learn how to contact an astronaut, receive a picture, how to become one, and so much more.

24. TSL Worksheets

I have been using TSL for years! They are the first printable website I started using back when I started schooling my daughter at home. TSL offers worksheets for every subject and grade. Everything is free and wonderful quality.

25. Aesop’s Fables

A Kindle find. Kindle offers Aesop’s Fables as a free Kindle E-Book. It does not really have any illustrations but is a wonderful book to read.

26. Teachers Pay Teachers

This website is great! All worksheets, lessons, and downloadable material. There are a lot of free and paid resources on this site and you will be able to find everything on any subject you are teaching. When you use TpT you are supporting those who took the time (teachers or homeschoolers) to custom make all the material.

27. Authentic Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Amish and Mennonite Recipes

I know the title is a mouthful! But this cookbook is perfect for all families, large or small, on or off a budget. This book is a perfect cookbook for chefs of all ages and is the perfect book to focus on for cooking/culinary studies. This is available free on Kindle Books and is written by Laura Sommers.


Crayola’s website is a wonderful resource for coloring sheets and craft projects. They are definitely worth digging around. I have found many good resources to use for studying history, science, and geography.

29. My 5 Favorite Reading Kindle Apps for Kids

The only ‘tablet’ I own is a Kindle Fire and I love it. It is very easy to use and very kid friendly. Another positive is mine is before the Alexa program so I will never get rid of it. A few weeks ago I wrote about my 5 favorite Kindle apps to help your child read. All these apps are available on Android and I am assuming Apple products. Monster reading, Starfall, and Bubble Pop are just a few of my favorites.

30. A Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories

This book is free on Kindle Books and is full of the original Beatrix Potter stories. This book is without pictures but the stories are in the original format and still enjoyable.

31. Host an Exchange Student

Hosting a high school exchange student is a wonderful way to bring the world into your home. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn first hand about a whole new country but you are adding a new member to your family. Hosting an exchange student is a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn different traditions and about different cultures, tolerance, and a whole new understanding of the world.

32. Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is a website dedicated to teaching children about classical music. This website makes it a lot of fun too! You have access to music, lessons, games, printables, and more.

33. Khan Academy

You could use Khan Academy for your full homeschooling curriculum. They are a free program that serves K-12 and even adults/college education. Khan offers all free classes through online lessons and videos and they offer every subject you can think of. You can create a parent profile and watch the progress your children make.

34. Listen To Stories Read by Actors

Storyline is a website where you can listen to actors read out loud children’s stories.

35. Team Nutrition Curriculum

I have been ordering team nutrition materials for a few years now and they all are so wonderful. What they offer does change periodically but you can pick and choose what you want to order and the quantities. They also have many downloadable materials but I prefer to receive my materials through the mail. You have many choices of recipe books, healthy foods curriculum for elementary and middle school, posters, stickers, handouts, and so much more. Some of the material is offered in French and Spanish. When you place your order they will also send you a UPS tracking number.

36. Family Education

Family Education is a very helpful resource full of articles, ideas, and information to help your homeschooling journey along the way. They also have a lot of information not relating to homeschooling but to parenting that you will also find helpful.

37.  Life of a Homeschool Mom

If you are a homeschooler you needed to subscribe to this yesterday! This website is FULL of help, free resources, free (and paid) curriculum and lessons, and so much more. Once you subscribe to the newsletter you will have access to dozens of free schooling material you will use plus she will send you her newsletter with limited freebies you will also use.

38. Holocaust DVD

This is a great DVD. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will send you a free DVD about the Holocaust. This DVD is very informative and important for all people to watch (notice I didn’t say just students?). You should watch this with your children and have an open discussion about the Holocaust and genocide (there is a segment on Rwanda). While you may think you have children who are too young to handle this, if you are watching with your children you will easily be able to address things to their level.

39. State Maps and Tourism Information

Do you want to study all 50 states? Here is the easiest way! This website gives you the information to order maps and tourism information from all 50 states. You will get a lot of great information, even from your own state! We have learned so much just by using the tourism information and maps we have received from every state.

40. Speedometry

A program through Hot Wheels, you can learn also STEM skills using this free resource and your little cars. Speedometry offers K-4 hands-on lessons to teach STEM skills while having fun. While they no longer give away classroom kits all the lessons are on their website and how to make your own Speedometry course.

41. What is Unschooling? by Pam Laricchia

This is a free Kindle book. Pam Laricchia writes a very encouraging and easy to read book about what Unschooling REALLY is. Unschooling is NOT letting your child run lawlessly throughout the street. It is learning with your child the way they want to learn using the world as your ‘classroom’, even though you will never use the word ‘classroom’. Pam Laricchia has successfully Unschooled her children who have become adjusted working adults. She gives a brief history of Unschooling and how to Unschool your kids while still having home structure. This book is a MUST read for all parents. Her advice can really help all parents. Do not knock it till you read it, my paragraph does not do the book justice.

42. Worksheets, Printables, and Blogs for Teachers and Homeschoolers

This is a great and open Facebook group that is open to anyone who would like to share their educational blogs, printables, or share information. It is open to everyone and the group has been very tolerant of all points of view and religions.

43. Free Make-Up Eraser

Fill out this form and you will receive a free make-up eraser in the mail. This will come in handy for a few science experiments you can create and have fun with.

44. Maine Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

This is a community Facebook page but seems like living in Maine is not a requirement to follow it at all. This page is always posting homeschool resources, blogs, and parenting advice. The page also frequently posts contests for materials and for kids to enter. They post a lot of helpful science and history links too that you will find very informative.

45. Mercury Magazines

When you first sign up for Mercury Magazines you will probably only have the option to be able to sign up for business magazines. Everything is free and they never ask for payment information. Once you sign up though the magic starts. They will e-mail you a few times a week for free 1-year magazine subscriptions. I have received free 1 year subscriptions to magazines like Elle, Better Homes and Gardens (a homeschool project dream), Opera, Parents, Family Fun, Watch, Dairy, Field and Stream, Outdoor Photographer, and dozens more I can’ keep track of. When the subscription runs out, just like any magazine, the magazine sends you a notice and that’s it. I have been receiving magazines for about 3 years now, never paid for one subscription.

46. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that gives you ‘points’ for shopping online or using your card at select local places or taking surveys. The surveys have actually been a great learning tool while we have been studying statistics. Sometimes you have to shop online for homeschooling (printer ink anyone?) and getting the points back has been nice. I do not have fast success with Swagbucks but I earn points just for using their search bar and I have received a few 25.00 Walmart gift cards which is always helpful.

47. Mater Amabilis

Marter Amabilis is a free Charlotte Mason Style curriculum. They give you a 4 day a week schedule for the grade you choose and a suggested book list. It is a really great program and helps give ideas on setting up your school year. Most books you can find through inter-library loan or cheap through Thrift Books. I really like the non-pressure structure of this free program.

48. DLTK

I have been picking the brain of DLTK for years. Amazing ideas and easy to use. This website has easy (and I mean easy and low pressure) crafts and project ideas for any occasion and subject you can think of. The website is so easy to use and not complicated. You will hop on, find the best project ever, and be ready to go.

49. CK-12

Ck12.org is a K-12 website that offers every single subject for free. Free lessons, videos, etc. You as the teacher can create lessons, groups, digital classrooms, so many options. CK-12 also offers free textbooks, STEM, and you can create teacher and student accounts.

50. Passport to Nutrition

It is never too early or too late to teach good eating habits. Healthy habits are the cornerstone of a good and healthy life. Passport to Nutrition offers free lesson bundles to teachers and homeschoolers. You can download every lesson. You could turn this into a whole semester or year study.

Now I am sure you veteran homeschoolers have many more suggestions. Feel free to comment on them. But, part 2 will be coming very soon and I bet your suggestion is already on the Part 2 list I am working on 🙂 . Unless I have tried it personally I won’t post the link. For those items that come in the mail, I will not post the links until I myself have received my items. That is for good reason too, many items I have filled out a form to receive I have not received and it has been 2-3 months. I hope this list was helpful and encouraging. Yes, You Can Homeschool! And you will do a wonderful job!

Homeschool For FREE

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  1. Can I ask how you get the Team Nutrition items mailed? I’d love to have some of their items, but it seems you have to be part of their program to order physical items. 😦


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