Creating a Homeschool Portfolio for my 8/9 Year Old

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Homeschooling in Maine is pretty easy. The stressful part is the portfolio review. I am at an advantage because my BFF is a Maine certified teacher so she can do the portfolio review for me. She knows we are at the library daily, we help with and go to co-op, are in scouts, and are volunteering all the time. I still have to make a portfolio though. 

In Maine, after your homeschool child turns 7, you have to have a portfolio review by a Maine certified teacher or have your child take a standardized test. When you mail in your letter of intent you need to send in the review or the test results to the department on education and your local superintendent.
How can you make a portfolio that is low stress and not time-consuming? I have four kiddos. I’m sure I have the time to sit at the end of June/July and dig through what work has managed to last all year and not get destroyed by life, but I don’t want to spend that time. While we are relaxed homeschoolers (unschoolers most of the time) I still need easy. So I spend a few days and create a huge binder of all the subjects my kids need to learn something about: Writing, English, Science, Math, History/Social Studies/Geography, and Art. Tailor everything to the specific things I know they are interested in, and create a binder that everything stays in. So when it is portfolio review time all I need to do is hand the binder over. 

My oldest is 8 and will be turning 9 this year. So here is day one of researching and creating her school binder that she will be working on all year. It may look like a lot (or a little pending on who you are) but this is everything for schooling year round that I anticipate she will be able to do between now-July and our next review- July 2019. 
Also, if you struggle to know what a teacher needs to write in the review letter, we use a template from New Hampshire Homeschooling, because after hours of research they were the only one helpful. Here is the link to that printout template:

I hope this helps you in your homeschooling. Here is my 8/9 year old’s homeschool portfolio:


My daughter loves science. Space, animals, how things are made, everything is exciting to her. We spend a lot of time studying science, reading books, and watching Hulu and Netflix documentaries. 

Komodo Dragon Coloring Page:
Narwhals Coloring Page: 

Penguins Reading Comprehension: 
Desert Plants worksheet:
Separating Animals into Categories:
Sonoran Desert Activity:
Manatee Fact Sheet:
Loggerhead Turtle Fact Sheet :
Lizard and Bullfrog Fun Sheet:
Dino Reading:
More Dino Reading:
Ocean Fun:
Space fun:
Objects that provide light:
Parts of a Bike:
About Jupiter:
About Mars:
More About Jupiter:
About Mercury:
About Neptune:
About Venus:

About Earth:
About Uranus:
About Saturn:
M Animals Workbook:
Dolphin Coloring Page:
Earths Rotation:
Hammerhead Shark:


LA and how to write is really important to us. First off, it seems to be a lost art. Second, my daughter is constantly writing stories and drawing. Her knowing the parts of speech, types of words, punctuation, etc. is only going to strength her story writing skills and benefit her creativity in the long run. When I print off these worksheets I also print off lined paper on the back of every sheet so she has a chance to have creative writing time after she works hard on the worksheets. 

Vowel or Consonant Mail:
Helping verbs:
Select The Tense:
Possessive Pronouns:
Synonym Worksheet:
Antonym Worksheet:
Question or Statement:
Adjectives Worksheet:
CH and SH worksheet:
Parts of a letter:
Compound Words:
Compound Words:
Parts of Speech:
NASA Cursive Practice:
Print and Cursive Tracing:


History is so important! But, I don’t think you can force history or learn it from a textbook or a bunch of worksheets. This section is a little shot right now. We learn all our history through books. I believe it is better to follow their interests than to force anything and that really includes history. Geography we learn through our many geography books, atlases, and encyclopedias. 

Churning Butter:
What is Congress:
History of the US Flag:
All about the USA:
Deleware Information:
US States Map:
Eiffel Tower Coloring Page:


I have a weird kid, she loves math. We use Moby Max, Khan Academy, and a borrowed copy of Teaching Textbooks to move up in math at her level and learn new math skills. The sheets in our binder are a review so nothing gets 100% lost, which happens in a normal school system. I like to pick worksheets she will have fun doing. 

Alien Addition:
Christmas Addition:
Valentines Day Addition:
Pot of Gold Money Addition:
Addition Practice:

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