Creating a Homeschool Portfolio for my 6 Year Old

Homeschooling in Maine is pretty easy. The stressful part is the portfolio review, well making the portfolio. The actual review is simple. In Maine, you do not have to notify anyone that you are homeschooling until age 7 and you should wait to notify until then. It is always good though to get into the groove early of making a portfolio. Plus, my youngers want to be like their big siblings, so why discourage that?
This year my 6-year-old asked me to make him a school binder too. I make these binders, double-sided, and separate them by subject. Some pages double sided are work and some have coloring pages on the back side as a nice surprise. We are very relaxed schoolers. I set up these binders as work for the year (July-July) that they do as they ask to do. Since my kids have never been to brick and mortar school, fighting to ‘do work’ or for them to follow their interests is never an issue in my home.
So here is part one of the work I have put together for my 6-year-old, based on his personal interests, to work on as he’d like through our 2018-2019 school year. I hope it helps in your home education journey!

Alphabet and Reading Skills:
Letter Concepts:
Letter Matching:
Ocean Letter Match:
Practicing Upper and lower case and matching:
Farm Letter Match:
Halloween Letter Match:
C is for Car:
B is for Boat:
Full ABC Workbook:
Letter S:
Inside or Outside Bunny:
Inside or Outside Bear:
In front or Behind Pig:
Bunny and Hat Reading:
Little Worksheet:
Reading Readiness:
Girl and Boy:
Funny Animals:
Beginning Sounds Veggies:
Beginning Sounds Fruits:
First Letter on the Farm:
Match the Sounds:
Trace and Read Animals:
Back to School Words:
Dino Alphabet Book:
Funny Fish:

Science Skills:
Match what Animals Eat:
Pick Healthy Foods:
5 Senses:
Lunar Rover:
The sense of Hearing:

More or Less Ocean:
Color by Number Dragonfly:

Social Studies:
Holy City:–vatican-city-coloring-page/
Canada Flag:
Denmark Flag:


1-2-3 Magic & More 1-2-3 Magic DVD Package (English/Spanish)

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