10 Ways to Celebrate Not-Back-To School!

Schoolers get all the fun right? WRONG! We get all the fun! Even though we do not get to take those depressing looking pictures of the parents celebrating their children leaving for school, we can still do our own thing to celebrate the traditional start of the school year.
We homeschool year round, so my kids think celebrating the ‘new’ school year is a little weird but we still have fun. All of us schooling at home families can celebrate Not Back To School Time!

Here are 10 ideas to have your own Not Back To School Celebration!

not back to school

  1. Have a Not Back To School Party!
    Get together with your local homeschool families or ask ou local library if you can volunteer to put on a Not Back To School party for any homeschool families! You can do it your way and meet great friends. Go to the beach, the playground, Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds play place, wherever! Just get together with an awesome group and have time to play, eat, and have fun together!
  2. Spend a Day Planning The Year:
    Gather up the gang and ask them what they want to learn this year. Sit on the couch together and google lessons, freebies, worksheets, etc. and plan a fun year together. Loon up movies and books you can take out from your local library and spend some time learning about what your kids are interested in.
  3. Have a Homeschool Mom Date!
    I am SUPER lucky and have met an awesome group of homeschool moms. It was not always that way at all! I have had my shares of lonely homeschool years and I have no interest in going back. Do you know where I met all my awesome homeschoolers? At the library. We all communicate via Facebook and a never-ending e-mail chain we created after we met. We now plan co-op together and every time it is time to start planning that means it is time to leave the kids (or some of them) with dad or grandma and get together at a local joint to talk, bond, plan, and share our ups and downs.
  4. Start a Handwriting Chain:
    Every year you children’s handwriting changes. Why not create that into a long-lasting memory? Get a wreath and pins or just some string and pins, and create a handwriting chain you can see all year and add to every year together. Get creative and have fun!
  5. Make a My Favorite Things Book:
    Kids love drawing! Grab a stack of paper, fold it in half, and you have a book! Create a book full of drawings and (if they know how to write) writing about all their favorite things right at that moment, what they want to be when they grow up, what they love, etc. It’ll be a cute keepsake and fun to look back on. Plus they will have fun making it!
  6. Go Shopping!
    Everyone else gets to go shopping, why not you? Make a date with each kid, as a group, with another homeschooling family, or maybe ditch it all and make the date with a girlfriend. Either way, make a date and go shopping! Now is the time of year to stock up on crayons, pencils, notebooks, binders, and folders (almost every store that offers a teachers discount gives it to homeschoolers) and so much more. Go out and stock up! Plus look for clothing deals while your out. Just because you do not need clothes now doesn’t mean they won’t need or outgrow something soon and now is the time to look. Right now our local thrift store has all clothes at 50% off. When jeans there are $3 regular how can you not go and check that sale out?!
  7. Plan an Awesome Field Trip!
    Whether or not you have a group of other homeschoolers to hang out with doesn’t matter. You can go on a field trip anywhere regardless! Whether you make it a big deal like going to a state park or stay local and check out the local historical society museum the options are endless. Sit down with your kids and plan an awesome field trip together and get out!
  8. Plan a Community Service Project Together!
    Now is a great time to explore your children’s interests and see what needs your community has. Why not take some time as a family and plan a community service project together? Host a food drive at your church, a pet drive at your library, plant a garden at the local nursing home. The options are endless. Sit down as a family and plan a great service project that you all can get behind!
  9. Start a Journal:
    Whether you start a journal as a family or each of you start one on your own, this is a great option all around. If your child is not writing yet or struggling let them draw what they did, feel, and think. Starting a journal together is a great way to relax, bond, and see how time is progressing for everyone. This is a very healthy project.
  10. Tye-Dye Shirts!
    You remember how to tye dye right? Well, now you can tye-dye, use sharpies and alcohol, and food coloring. The options are endless. Why not start your year off by creating your own fun 2018 tye-dye tee-shirts? This will be fun to do at home or in a group! Get the family and friends together and have a tye-dying party! This will even be fun with your friends who go to public school. Make it a fun day and get your tye-dye on!

I hope these ideas helped stir your brain to how to celebrate your own way for not going back to school! Remember we are the fun ones :). I would LOVE to hear your ideas for how you homeschoolers celebrate not going back to school!


My Complete Homeschool Planner (Editable)
My Complete Homeschool Planner (Editable)


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