50 More Ways to Homeschool for Free!

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Thank you to the wonderful internet world for enjoying my 50 Ways To Homeschool for Free Part 1. The feedback and support were so wonderful. Today I am grateful to say, after 4 hours of editing and staring at a computer screen I have finished part two. That makes it a total of 100 ways for you to homeschool for free. This time I did include some crafts that I think are perfect for all homeschoolers. I have also written 2 posts if you have not seen yet on the work binders I am creating for my 8-year-old and 6-year-old that are full of all free printables.
Homeschool For FREE
So sit back, make your coffee, and enjoy looking through 50 More Ways to Homeschool for Free!

  1. Transcript Creator: This creates a transcript that you fill out yourself and then saves as a PDF. This is perfect for high school homeschoolers.

2.  Gold Desk Dishes DIY: Homey Oh My has created a great step by step DIY way to create gold organizers for your desk and storage. These look so nice and any age homeschooler would love to have them. Make them yourself or make a day out of it. These DIY gold dishes are so pretty! 

3. Scripture Printable Pack: This set is a great printable pack. You can use it as you please, I suggest setting it up as a  journal. It is very nice and most ages will enjoy it. You will go through an ‘ordering’ process where the site will ask for your information but will not ask for your CC info. You can download it when you check out or just wait till it comes in your e-mail.

4. Glorious Gardens from Above: Free show on the TubiTV app which is available on most streaming devices, their website, and gaming devices. This show gives a bird’s eye view of gardens in Britain as the host travels by hot air balloon. 

5. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: You can order a limited quantity of resources about what the federal reserve does. There are 4 different books and resources you can have mailed to you. 2 are classroom sets. They are great sets and I would order them now and store them away now for when your children get older just in case they stop mailing them.

6. Faith Filled Days: This site is dedicated to showing you ways to celebrate the living liturgical year. 

7. DIY Teacup Bird Feeder: As You Wish Pottery has put together the easiest way to put together a bird feeder made out of teacups and saucers. These bird feeders are just so cute and will actually look really good in your yard.

8. Notebooking all 50 StatesThe blog Ben and Me has put together a great notebooking unit on how they notebook all 50 states. It’s a great idea and worth putting into your state studies.    

9. Brain Pop Jr.: My kids love the Brain Pop Jr. app on the Kindle. Brain Pop Jr. has a video of the week and questions to answer after. Their website has a ‘free stuff’ section. If you create an account you have access to all the wonderful videos.

10. Franny’s Feet:  Free show on the TubiTV app which is available on most streaming devices, their website, and gaming devices. Franny’s Feet is an awesome show for younger children, my 8-year-old loves it. Franny puts on her fisherman boots and travels all over to different places and travels the world.     

11. How to Homeschool for Free: This blog has a whole section dedicated to free homeschool curriculum options. Worth digging into.

12. Federal Reserve and You DVD: This is a free DVD you can request. Watch this DVD and learn how the Federal Reserve works and effects you every day. 

13. Anne’s Cross-Stitch Patterns: I love Anne’s Cross Stitch Patterns! I cannot get enough of them! I use her patterns all the time. These are great quality patterns and when you follow the pattern it does, in fact, come out like it is supposed to. Sign up to receive e-mails so you can have larger access to free patterns.  

14. Make Your Own Sharpie Mugs: This is a great tutorial on how to decorate your own mugs using sharpies. This is a great activity for all ages. High schoolers can see how this blogger made hers and really take a challenge.

15. Heidi the Movie: Free show on the TubiTV app which is available on most streaming devices, their website, and gaming devices. This is the 1993 version of the movie Heidi. Ever since I was little I have loved reading all the different versions of Heidi and watching all the different movies. There are commercials when using the TubiTV app but still worth watching this classic tale. 

16. Curriculum Pathways: I love Curriculum Pathways. There are thousands of resources and classes to choose from for grades k-12. All subjects are available. I am a huge fan of the history subjects. Each subject has reading, a video, questions you can answer, and then suggestions on what to move on to. They are quick and very informative. 

17. Butterfly Life Cycle WorksheetsLiving Life and Learning has created a wonderful Life cycle of a butterfly printable that looks amazing. You will need to enter your email to receive this free printable.   

18. Monetary Policy: Part Art, Part Science DVD: Free DVD from the Federal Reserve in Atlanta. You will learn about the Art and Science of the Federal Reserve.  

19. Signing time: Free show on the TubiTV app which is available on most streaming devices, their website, and gaming devices. If you have ever had the Noggin channel you may know Signing Time. Your young children will learn sign langue in a fun way through songs. 

20. Free Reading Program: This program is geared for grades k-6. The program uses quizzes and interactive online activities to teach reading skills. You do have to make an account to use it but it is free.

21. 5 Ways to Bind a Book:  Ana at Babble Dabble Do has created 5 ways to make your own books and given you the directions on how to do this.

22. Moose Math app: Moose Math is absolutely loved in our home. This app is made by Duck Duck Moose and I believe is available on most devices, we have it on our Kindle. The app is in partnership with Khan Academy. The kids have so much for on this app. It is all learning math games that actually make you do math. 

23. Typetastic:  There are three different plan options, the free options does not offer progress tracking. This site teaches kids how to type using games and the program separates keyboard into sections to make it easier. Even though the free option does not track progress I still really recommend the games as a good learning tool. Also can be used on tablets.

24. Chicago Federal Reserve Econ in the Classroom: This site is full of resources on what the Chicago Federal Reserve can offer you for education as you teach econ to your student.  

25. Science Max: Free show on Tubi TV. You will have to live through commercials but its still free and I have never seen an inappropriate commercial that my kids couldn’t see. Science Max does classic science experiments in bigger ways and kids have a lot of fun seeing them. We have enjoyed doing the small-scale experiments and then watching what Science Max can do. 

26. Field Trips through LapbookingField trips are hard! My kids can’t do field trips in Maine that would require going to Texas! Money or not, let’s be realistic! This is an awesome resource! Year Round Homeschooling has made the effort to put together a resource to have virtual field trips all through lapbooking and it is awesome!  

27. Seterra Geography: Seterra offers 200 quizzes and unlimited ways to learn geography and map exercises. Seterra is offered in 34 languages. Your student will learn geography with actual facts by using games.  This is available online,  in the Andriod store, and Apple store. 

28. Katrina’s Classroom: This is for high school. This is a 4 part curriculum to teach finance to high school students. Takes about three weeks to come in the mail. 

29. JR Ranger Program: When you visit a national park in the USA your child can receive Junior Ranger patches and certificates by completing tasks and activities.

30. Geography Games: A collection of free games to learn countries, continents, capitals, and all thing geography.   

31. Online Gallery ToursKitchen Table Classroom has put together a way to take a tour online to all the top art galleries all over the world.

32. Free Kindle Book, Moments of Grace Daily Reflections for the Homeschool Mom: This is a great Kindle book. I have really enjoyed this book. It is a quick daily read that even the busiest mum can make time for and you need it! The encouragement, understanding, and scripture are everything a homeschool mum needs to keep going and feel better. 

33. Make a Teacup Pincushion: Pins and Needles NYC has given great instructions on how to make a pincushion by using a teacup and a few other materials.  

34. Outschool: Outschool offers hundreds of classes created by teachers and those who are experts in certain fields. You will need to search through the site because some classes are paid classes. If you can take the time to search, this is a great way to find special online classes for your child’s interests.

35. Make Marbled Mugs: The Sweetest Occasion has more talent than I do. This blogger gives great instructions (with pictures) on how to make marbled mugs using white mugs and nail polish. When I tried this they did not look even close to what she made. They are so pretty though it is worth the try! This is an easy craft for any age.

36. Serious Explorers: Another TubiTV show. This is about a group of kids who explore Africa and try to follow the steps of explorer Dr. David Lingstone. TubiTV is a free app and website and the shows are free but they do have commercials. 

37. PBS Kids Video: This app is available I think on almost everything. We have the PBS Kids Video app on our Roku and kindle. Watch PBS Kids live or pick a show and watch the many episodes they offer for free. You can even watch Mr. Rogers on the app.

38.  Catholic Homeschooling Resources: Real Life At Home has done a great job breaking down options for Catholic homeschoolers. This blog lists resources, options, and even the challenges of homeschooling. 

39.  Free Kindle Book, Ten American Girls From History: This book is a public domain book and was written by Kate Dickinson Sweetser. Really informative and quick read.

40. Create Your Own Graph: 4 different types of graphs to choose from. You can create your own graph with any information you have and any colors you’d like. You can save your graph as an image or print directly. It is a lot of fun to use.

41. Conservation Education Curriculum: The FWS has created a curriculum for different levels that are all about conservation. These are all PDF lessons and plans and are really great lessons. They also have information about how to enter the duck stamp contest for your state. 

42. Mensa Excellence in Reading: This program offers different reading lists for grades k-12. You print off the reading list, complete the list, and you can receive a free tee shirt. The books on the list are really good ones and you all will enjoy it. 

43. Make A Volcano: Mashable has created 7 different ways to make the same old volcano experiment more fun.

44. 180 Days of Magic School Bus Lessons: 13 total units. This is a free curriculum of using The Magic School Bus episodes with experiments, books, lesson,s etc. for your whole science lessons. 

45. Quest Club: While being a Quest Club member does cost money, the program does offer a few badges in each of their 9 categories to view for free. These are great resources for your homeschooling and can move to more intense ‘earning’ of the badge as your child gets older.

46. Make Slime without Glue: I hate making slime. It takes way too much of things I don’t want to waist! Wikkihow has given us 3 ways to make slime without glue that is easy and the kids will still like. 

47. 40 Lenten Activities: God bless Her! The blog Call Her Happy has created a huge list of 40 different ways to celebrate lent with the kids. 

48.  Portfolio Evaluation Form: A lot of states (Maine included) has an option to have a portfolio review done for your homeschool year. This option is a lot better than testing and it is the route we use. This is a free printable form from New Hampshire Homeschooling that is perfect for meeting the portfolio evaluation requirement.  

49. Learn Geography with Om Nom: Free on TubiTV. Your child will need to be able to read for this show. It has animated scenes and then fun facts about different places in the world. 

50.  The Engaged Writer Curriculum: This is a free creative writing curriculum for homeschoolers made by a homeschool mum and author.

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  1. Several of your TubiTV suggestions have broken links or cannot be found in a TubiTv search. Namely, the most interesting ones. Good post otherwise and I had never heard of this app before. Thank you!


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