Book Review: How to Trick the Tooth Fairy

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I was not asked to review this book. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing or reading this book. 

My daughter brought home How to Trick the Tooth Fairy by Erin Danielle Russell from the library. The only thing I see wrong with this book is you need to return it once you read it because your children will not stop asking you to read it, over and over again.

How to Trick the Tooth Fair is a very silly book about a little girl who likes to play tricks on people. Tricks like putting toothpaste in Oreos instead of the cream filling. In this story, the girl decides to play a trick on the Tooth Fairy, who also is a fan of tricks. A battle occurs! The little girl and Tooth Fairy spend the night pranking each other and having a ball and it is funny! 

Your kiddos will laugh the whole time reading this book. In the end, the Tooth Fairy and the little girl become friends and help each other. The whole story to get to that point is just funny. They prank each other in silly ways and the Tooth Fairy is great at it! Even makes it rain cats and dogs :p. The book is funny, the pictures are amazing and so well done, and the pages are quick so it can keep the attention of young and old. Even my boys have not stopped asking me to read it. 

While I am very eager to return this book back to the library, I have to say it is a great and funny story. You and the kids will have a lot of fun reading this book!

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