Day 1 of The Purposeful Mom Stronger Devotional Life Program

I have signed up for the Purposeful Mom 5 Days To A Stronger Devotional Life. On the days I read her e-mails I will be writing what I think, feel, read, etc. This is a great way to encourage all my readers to think about becoming closer to God as well as to build your trust in me.

This is Day One.

Prepare with Prayer

3 common struggles in devotional life: My struggle: I feel too busy and do not have enough time-which I know in my heart is false.  Yes, I home school 2 children full time, am starting little things with my three-year-old (as he wants), am a scout and co-op leader, and on 2 town committees but honestly while your head may be spinning I am not that busy and do have enough time. More than enough time to do a million more things. But I do no prioritize my time and I should. If I have enough time to cross stitch a Christmas ornament for all 5 of my children while breastfeeding I certainly can put time aside to be with God, and that is something my children should be seeing!

If we just had the free time before kids/jobs/etc our devotional time would be better: For me this is false. Because while I was always a child of God he was not always in my life. God did not become full in my life until after children, marriage struggles, parenting struggles, etc. I was always trying to search and find myself and was researching different lifestyles, beliefs, astrology, horoscopes, etc before it became clear to me that God really is the only way.

In the 24 hours of the day that we’re given, we have a choice about how to fill them. Sometimes things are out of our control, to be sure. Yet is it possible that we are making excuses for ourselves in how we prioritize our time? :  Yes. This is me about everything, from movie time, reading time, self-care, family care, homemaking, cleaning, planning, everything, and especially my very important time with God.

the areas where we can take an honest look at how we are using our time and say “God, I want to fill my time with the right things, the things of eternal significance and value.” : This is something I think all of us mums should pray every day. You can pray it while your driving or while pouring that fourth cup of coffee. I actually am printing it right now as I type to hang on the fridge. I was just reading Numbers 4:4 with my oldest son yesterday and we were discussing how everything we do we should do with God in our minds and think “Does this serve him positively?”. We should always have God in our minds and hearts.

He has given us His Word because He knows it will help and sustain us and give us the strength to press on when life is hard! : And this is true for me. Because even as things are at what I think the absolute worst they are not because I have God. Things were a lot worse in my life, even with the simplest worries, because I didn’t have God’s full presence in my life. Now I do and the hardest things seem easy because I know things will always work out, my life is in God’s hands, and there is a plan for myself and I am enjoying discovering what the plan is.

Prepare with Prayer: God, please show me what parts of my life may not be serving you properly. Please show me the time to fully read your Word and share with my children. Give me the joy and desire to dive into your Word and pass that joy, love, and desire to my children. Please remove that overwhelmed feeling from my mind and heart and help prevent me in becoming discouraged so I can see the path to a stronger relationship with you and my family. Please help me get my mind and heart in line for your will that is for my life, my children, my marriage, my family, my community.

Sign up for the Purposeful Mom Stronger Devotional Life Here.

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