Day 2 The Purposeful Mom Stronger Devotional Life Program

I have signed up for the Purposeful Mom 5 Days To A Stronger Devotional Life. The days I receive her emails I will be writing what I think, feel, read, etc. This is a great way to encourage all my readers to think about becoming closer to God as well as to build your trust in me.

This is Day Two

Prepare Your Day

Developing Daily Discipline: I haven’t met a devotional program I haven’t liked. I love my daily e-mails from Blessed Is She. My biggest issue is the devotional groups I join never finish and always fall through and disband. The only group I have joined that finished the devotional or study program from start to finish is the PWOC I was a part of when we were an Army family in California. All the other mother groups I have joined to study haven’t stayed together and only one of the groups I have joined finished part of a program, Fearless Mom, which I highly recommend. But even that group, that got through one session of Fearless Mom, disbanded.

I have a huge collection of devotionals–and there are many that I have not finished! : This is my issue with regular books and homeschooling curriculum, but not with devotionals. Many devotionals or studies I just cannot afford, but I do always finish the ones I have or make every effort to stay a part of a study group.

Get Up Earlier: Yes this is easier said than done. But I do try and get up when my husband wakes, which is before the rest of the home, But my oldest boy tends to be up before everyone or very quickly after my husband. He is normally away between 5:30-6:00 am. So while I try and wake early to be by myself it normally isn’t something that is possible this season of my life. But each of my children has a bible verse study every day in their binder work so that does help and make sure God’s word is in my life at least once a day.

Stay off Your Phone: This is not an issue for me. I have made the choice not to have a fancy smartphone or fancy tablet. I have a flip phone with no data-you won’t be getting pictures from me anytime soon and please only text me 150 characters at a time. Because smartphones are negative distractions. As far as fancy tablets go, we do have a Kindle in the home which I only use for cross-stitching patterns and educational apps as rewards for the kids (and it is MIA at the moment). I do not want a smartphone ever again, I do not think they are a positive influence in life or family, the only useful thing a smartphone brings is the ability to take a picture. 

Take something out to put something in: That would be my cross-stitching, TV watching, or blogging times. Which really can be done no issue. But just as the Purposeful Mom states, I have to do it!

Give yourself 10-21 days to develop a daily devotional habit: I have done this! I ended up reading the New Testimate in about 2 months (as I had already read a majority of the Old Testimate). But I finished. That is my issue. Just because I finished does not mean my work is done! Your work with God is never done! It is very easy to get out of a habit and that is a huge flaw I need to fix!

Have an accountability partner: I need this so bad! It never seems to be an option in my life, in any season, and I would love it to be so much!

Sign up for the Purposeful Mom Stronger Devotional Life Here.

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4 thoughts on “Day 2 The Purposeful Mom Stronger Devotional Life Program

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  2. Just found your link back to my devotional challenge! These are really good notes that you took! So good for feedback to know how people are using it. And I love that you don’t have a smart phone 🙂 Have a great day! ~Jenn from The Purposeful Mom

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