Online Giving Program

I love Continue to Give! I have had a really positive experience using it. I have been using Continue To Give for my online giving program. You should check it out yourself. The program makes giving easy because people can give with Text, App, Kiosk, or on the website. Their rates are low, and they … Continue reading Online Giving Program

10 Maine Artists To Love

Maine is such a magical place! I have raved about this since I started my blog. Today I want to share 10 Maine Artists that I love! I share the artwork with my kids, library, or co-op and I love watching to see what they will do next. Being an artist in Maie takes such … Continue reading 10 Maine Artists To Love

10 Easter Gifts for Kids

I LOVE giving gifts. When I became a parent I was actually a little bummed that we only give gifts twice a year, Christmas and Birthday. I have changed that though in the past 9 years of being a parent. Some may criticize it but I love it.  Last night, which was Saint Valentine's Day … Continue reading 10 Easter Gifts for Kids