10 Easter Gifts for Kids

I LOVE giving gifts. When I became a parent I was actually a little bummed that we only give gifts twice a year, Christmas and Birthday. I have changed that though in the past 9 years of being a parent. Some may criticize it but I love it.  Last night, which was Saint Valentine’s Day I gave each of my boys a small new superhero and they were thrilled and so happy. I gave my daughter a wish book and a porcelain unicorn she saw at the dollar tree the other day and loved. So now my brain is rattling. What is next? Easter! I make a big deal out of Easter. I send cards just like Christmas, make big meals, send charity donations, and of course gifts. Easter is a huge deal to me! It is the day Jesus rose! How can I not be just as thrilled as on Christmas, when he was born!


So on that note, I am already brainstorming my gifts for my children and here is what I am considering:

  1. Aurora World Toys Deer, 15.00. My daughter loves animals. She may be getting older but stuffed animals are one thing that she hasn’t outgrown and I don’t think she’ll ever outgrow the special ones. I love how soft this is plus how timeless it looks. The message of rebirth through a gift is perfect as an Easter gift.

2.Jellycat Cyril Sloth, 31.00. Maybe it is just my house but we are obsessed with sloths. We even ‘adopted’ on from a zoo. We love sloths! This little guy would be a great gift for my family and we could ‘adopt’ another sloth from another zoo or sanctuary in honor of the rebirth of Jesus.

3. Janod Janod Men’s Nutty Ball Track, 50.00. This toy is really cute and good for fine motor skills. We love watching the squirrels outside and I know my kids would have a field day with this little toy and we could turn it into a game. So I see this for more than one use, which is the way I need my toys. Plus it looks so nice!

4. Gund Medium Bubbles Plush Elephant, 20.00. Anyone else’s house LOVE elephants? This little guy would be loved by all. The elephant is one of the most magical and amazing creatures on God’s Earth. Their emotions, functions, power, lifestyle, everything is just amazing and fascinating about the elephant and this house loves everything about them. If you study the elephant you will learn first hand why this is the perfect animal gift to celebrate Jesus.

5.  Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Cross, 17.00. I love how pretty and simple this cross is. Children have big emotions and I believe seeing this simple and beautiful reminder that Jesus does love them will brighten their day.

6. Names of Jesus Dove Silhouette Black by Inspire Me, 40.00. This really would look good in my boys’ room or my daughter’s room. It is good quality and looks so nice. When people enter my home I want them to know that we are a Christain home. This piece of artwork is really nice and respectful to the name of Jesus.

7. Silly Rabbit Easter Is For Jesus T-Shirt, 14.00. I love this shirt and I think I need to bulk order this shirt. If I find an affordable way I will let you know! While I am not offended by the ‘Easter Bunny’, we all need to remember why Easter even exists and that is because of our Lord and savior! Have fun if you want but don’t forget Jesus! This shirt is awesome!

8. God Bless You & Goodnight by Hannah Hall, 13.00. This book is so sweet. It is a reminder of all of God’s blessings as we prepare for the night. The pictures are just so sweet and there are beloved animals as the characters. You and your kids will enjoy this sweet book.

9. ‘True Story’ Three Crosses Raglan Tee, 14.00. I love this shirt! It is simple and to the point. My kids also would love this shirt which is why it is on my list! The fabric is also soft and it is supposed o be tagless so it is also a good match for one of my children who has a sensory processing disorder. It’s not every day I can find matching clothes that all my kids will wear!

10. Pottery Barn Kids Easter Basket, 15.00. For those who do Easter baskets (we have some years and not others) this is a really cute and timeless basket that you can have customized. I am not a fan of the cheap baskets that break about six minutes after they are discovered on Easter. I like that this basket is very good quality so it can be used over and over again and that you can put the name of your child on it.

I hope this helped you brainstorm ideas you and enjoyed another version of window shopping! As the season gets closer let me know what gifts you passed out to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

If you feel called to support my efforts in passing on education materials at no cost or one of my gifting programs please text 4849761 to the number 715-803-4772 and donate through the continue to give program.

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