Online Giving Program

I love Continue to Give! I have had a really positive experience using it.

I have been using Continue To Give for my online giving program. You should check it out yourself. The program makes giving easy because people can give with Text, App, Kiosk, or on the website. Their rates are low, and they even have a full management system and accounting modules. It has been by far the most affordable and positive giving platform I have seen.

If you sign up for a demo, one of their support agents will show you around to see if their program is a good fit for you. This is a great feature that I haven’t seen offered before.

To learn more, you can click here. and experience it yourself.

You have the option to be paid daily, weekly, monthly, etc. What I really love about this program is you can stay with it. You do not need to set up one amount of fundraising you are trying to do and then be done. You can make it ongoing. This has been really useful for me because there is no time frame on the No Birthday Left Behind or Gifts for Parents of Babyloss programs I offer by myself. While I am trying to keep a timeline with the Christian Doula program, I am doing my best but I do keep hitting costs issues. God willing though I will prevail and that will be completed before the summer is here.

I have had a wonderful experience with the Continue to Give platform and I really recommend you try it too

You can check it out here on their WEBSITE.

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