Review: Fine Chocolate Club

I subscribed to the Fine Chocolate Club.

I have never really done subscription box before and I am super glad I tried it. I LOVED the Fine Chocolate Club. I was so excited to have my Fine Chocolate Club box come in the mail. I was like a little kid in a candy store, only better because I didn’t have to leave my warm home when there is well over a foot of snow on the ground.

You can try Fine Chocolate Club for yourself with a free month with code CHOCO at checkout.
Free Choco

The chocolate is organic, handcrafted, high quality, and is supporting many different people and cultures from different walks of life and backgrounds with good wages. I love the good cause footprint they are making.


The chocolate was really good. I live in an area where you can’t get high-quality chocolate. Not saying I’m not happy with my department chain store brand but it is nice to treat yourself once in a while.
This chocolate was a huge treat!

It was so good, the shipping was pretty fast when I placed my order, and the quality was wonderful.

Treat yourself, Mum! Fine Chocolate Club is so worth it. Since Maine is having another snow storm today, treat your self and order some chocolate.

Ge three free Fine Chocolate Club bars right HERE. Just pay shipping.

Free Trial Month Chocolate
I was not compensated in any way to write this review. I was not asked to write a review and did of my own accord.

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