10 Saint Joseph Day Resources

Today is the Solemnity of Saint Joseph. Sure, it falls right in the middle of lent but that is no reason why we can’t celebrate! I don’t know about you but I needed some ideas on how to celebrate with my kiddos and make it fun. Here are the 10 resources I found and loved.


  1. The Kennedy Adventures offers every craft idea you could ever think of and many other kid-oriented ideas.

2. Look to Him and Be Radiant has some quick easy ways to make a Saint Joseph shrine.

3. Right here you can print an awesome picture of the Holy Family.

4. Look to Him and Be Radiant shared how her class celebrates Saint Joseph day. One fun thing I liked was they made a church out of popsicle sticks. We did this and I loved it! My daughter and I wrote on each popsicle stick something about Saint Joseph or someone to pray for (Saint Joseph pray for dad, Saint Joseph take care of cousin Hope, etc) and my son took the sticks and designed his church. 

5. I needed some information about Saint Joseph and Catholic Culture was a great place to start. Not too long that my kids ran off but enough to be knowledgable,

6. Paper Dali shares how to make a shoebox shrine and felt craft as well as offer printable coloring pages.

7. Thank Evann is now one of my favorite resources. One thing that you will love is their printable coloring pages and all their Saint Joseph resources. Their coloring pages are amazing and not a typical coloring page.

8.  Shower of Roses has a printable Saint Joseph memory match game.

9. My daughter really liked reading this with me. This is an article about how Pope Francis feels and respects Saint Joseph. We learn about how he prays to Saint Joseph and the importance of him.

10. Catholic Mom was really helpful. She shares great information and prayer to read with the kids as well as 2 really good youtube videos. The videos are short so it will keep your kids attention.

Bonus Resources: A Slice of Smith Life shares their fest day celebration. It is huge and full of amazing ideas and great food ideas.

TpT Resource: Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom byAnnie Kelley made an amazing and free Saint Joseph resources. Her St. Joseph Biography and Activities includes a great powerpoint that we printed off and many worksheets that really good to use and focus of reading comprehension.

Happy Saint Joseph Day! I can’t wait to hear how you celebrated this wonderful day!

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