10 Things Homeschool Mums Want School Mums to Know

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10 Things Homeschool Mums Want School Mums to Know

There seems to be a misconception that homeschool mums and schooling mums are somehow different. Like somehow we were born homeschool mums and there is a huge biological difference between homeschool and schooling mums. Guess what? We are not separate subspecies. Alas, we are not and here is 10 special things I want my traditional choice schooling sisters to know!


1. We are not different, we just made a different choice in raising our children. The fact that I chose to homeschool is not any different than you choosing to serve all organic kale and me buying up all the precooked chicken in the grocery store. We both make different choices in how we raise our kiddos.

2. I am not better than you because I homeschool. I don’t look down upon you because you send your kids to traditional school. Honestly, I see some of these mums who have school kiddos and I am boggled at how they do everything! It is most of you that put me to shame!

3. No matter how many kids you have, one or five (like me) they are hard no matter what. Kids are so much work! The amount is no competition.

4. I want to be your mum friend or maybe even friend-friend. Let’s see how things work out.

5. Your kids are NOT a bad influence on my kids and vice versa. Again, we are just parenting differently.

6. You do not need to defend your schooling choice to me. I’m not sitting here on the playground judging you just because you chose the traditional route.

7. I’m going to talk about ‘school’ just like you talk about ‘school’ and I am not pressuring you to homeschool. If you can talk about school days and how your kids are doing and what they are doing, I’m probably going to do the same thing. This does not mean anything, I’m just following the conversation.

8. I understand you don’t have the patience to homeschool. I don’t most of the time either.

9. I am barely functioning. I am fueled by coffee and chocolate just like you.

10. At the end of the day, if my kids are still alive then I have done my job. That’s the standard most days, isn’t it?

See traditional school mums!?! We are not different at all! Now please hang out with us at the library and enjoy the same storytime and lego club we all love.

11 thoughts on “10 Things Homeschool Mums Want School Mums to Know

  1. What a timely post for me to read! We have been praying and waiting to know if homeschooling is a route for our family. Our son goes to a Christian private school and we just don’t know if it is our best option. I loved this post. It was real and unifying. Blessings to you on your journey!

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  2. I am a public school teacher and constantly teeter with the idea of homeschooling my kids in the future. There is a lot of truth to what you have said. It’s one thing if it’s your job, but another if you’re taking the time to homeschool. Thank you for this post!

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