Review: Turkish Towel Store

I was asked to review a new towel company called Turkish Towel Store. I received a free towel to try out and review.

At first, when I received my towel I was skeptical. It wasn’t a nice fluffy bath towel. It wasn’t a rough-ish beach towel like I’m used to. It is a thin soft material.

I first used my towel on my baby who is only 4 months old. She loved it! The towel was not so thick that it was hard to hold my baby. I find this a problem with regular bath towels, the towels are too thick around my little baby that it makes it too hard to hold them. Baby towels are just too small and never fit around a baby in general, so they are pretty useless. This Turkish Towel was perfect for my daughter. The towel is big because it is supposed to fit an adult, but it was perfect for my baby. Wrapped around plenty of times but wasn’t big or bulky. If you are interested in buying this towel for your baby visit the Turkish Towel Store and use code HAPPYMAINEMUM to save 30%. The shipping is fast.
My little girl wouldn’t let her Turkish Towel go when it was swing time.

Then I tried the towel. Again, the towel isn’t a traditional bath towel so I was skeptical. It fit around me fine with extra room so I liked that. It didn’t dry me as well as my baby so I started to be a little disappointed. I was panicking in my head thinking ‘I’m supposed to review this towel what am I going to do if I don’t like it?!’ Then I had to ring out my hair. I have thick hair, like obnoxiously thick hair. Every time I have been to a hairdresser (which I hate) they comment on how thick my hair is and some just won’t deal with it. I wrapped this towel around my hair and squeezed it out once and all the water came out. All of it! No more dripping, nothing. Just normal just-out-of-the-shower hair. I was impressed. If you are someone lucky to have thick hair like me visit the Turkish Towel Store and use code HAPPYMAINEMUM to save 30%. You will be glad to have a towel like this for your hair.

Another fun thing about the towel is my senior cat LOVES it. He keeps taking it down and putting it into a ball to sleep on. Maybe you won’t buy a towel for your cat but if you are thinking about it, the Turkish Towel Store will be a unique choice for you :).
Johnny Cat guarding his towel.

To recap: If you have a baby or thick hair, surprisingly enough this is definitely the towel to choose.

Another plus: The towel fits around both baby and I together, which makes bathtime even better.

If you are interested in getting this awesome towel click here and save 30% which is a great deal!

Cotton Turkish Towel Pestemal with Thin Stripes On Ruby ColorCotton Turkish Towel Pestemal with Thin Stripes On Ruby ColorLook at my pretty towel! It is just simply pretty!

IMG_0149“Get away from me and my towel you crazy lady and your camera”

click here and save 30% off of your awesome Turkish Towel Store with code HAPPYMAINEMUM.


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