Governor Mills breaks 32-yr bi-partisan traditional – Refuses to recognize Home Schoolers

This is beyond disrespectful. Saying my family is insignificant is very hurtful. I am a proud Mainer. I love it here and I am proud to live and raise my kids here. We have way more love for Maine than any of our public school friends we have met. It may be a small gesture but it is one that has made a huge impact. Over 30 years this has not been an issue. Why now? Why did she make the choice now? That is why it matters.

Maine House GOP

King (I), Baldacci (D) and LePage (R) all issued Proclamations recognizing
Maine Home Education Week

STATEHOUSE – Maine House Republicans today
expressed disappointment regarding Governor Janet Mills’ denial of a request by
Maine Home Schoolers for an official Proclamation recognizing Maine Home School

The denial follows 32-years of bi-partisan
tradition recognizing the importance of school choice and home school
education. Governors McKernan (R), King (I), Baldacci (D) and LePage (R) all
issued proclamations upon request.

“I am shocked that, in this day and age, the
self-proclaimed “one-Maine” Governor feels that the impact of home schoolers is
insignificant,” said Rep. Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred). “Fourteen U.S. Presidents
and countless notable societal contributors, including: George Washington,
Franklin Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, Helen
Keller, Robert Frost and countless modern entertainers were homeschooled.
Apparently, Governor Mills is not ‘prochoice’ when it comes to educational
choice for children and their parents.”

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