It is That Time of the Month to Treat Yourself

Guess what I woke up to today? This outside of my window.


Yes, it is April 9th in Maine and this is what I see outside of my window.
So wasn’t I beyond thrilled when this came to my door.


Oh, man was I relieved! This is just what I needed on a day like today.
My five kids are still cooped up, the little dog is still fighting to go outside in the cold, we can’t go out in the weather to our writing lessons, it is a disaster here.
All is about to be well though because this special box from the Fine Chocolate Club is here.
IMG_0156.edit1I am on my way to improve my life! That I am!!


First I’m digging into the Brown Butter Milk Chocolate. This was the favorite between all the kids and I. I’m not sure you have ever hit full relaxation if you haven’t had a cup of coffee and this Brown Butter chocolate before. Oh My Goodness! So rich, so smooth, it just melts in your mouth. It is so good. Not too sweet but complete perfection. When it is time to treat yourself, mama, this is the treat for you.
Image result for coffee and chocolate memes
Free Trial Month Chocolate

Peacetime is over though. Because now I have to start lessons and encourage my son to hop on the computer and just do five minutes of phonics. 5 minutes is all I’m asking! I even put a timer on but he acts like I am killing him. The thing is once he is on he likes it. But he hates using technology and workbooks, so every other day I have to force it on him and today is that day. You know what? After he finishes a worksheet he is so proud of himself. After he gets on the computer for lessons I can’t get him off! Yet, here we are. Luckily he is not a fighter or a yeller or a whiner. He is a negotiator though!
So I have to break out this for mama:


Complete dark chocolate perfection. My husband complains that dark chocolate is too hard and bitter. He doesn’t have that complaint with Toscano Black Amedei though and I’m happy because I love dark chocolate. This dark chocolate though is amazing, superb. Just one piece is enough to relax for a minute and then get back in gear. You deserve a treat any time of the day mama. This is the treat I need to give me one more positive push to keep going with these wonderful kiddos.
Image result for coffee and chocolate memes

Our day is done. Lessons are done, dinner is done, the kitchen is as cleaned up as it ever is going to be. Now it is time for mum and dad to put the zoo to bed (zoo being 5 children), unwind, shut the door, put Hulu on, and relax. Relax with this wonderful masterpiece:


This was a wonderful discovery for us. When I saw this in the box I was anticipating the traditional gooey fake raspberry filling and syrup coming all over my hands. No way! I should have known better with The Fine Chocolate Club! This bar is made of delicious chocolate with a fruit raspberry coating on the bottom. Oh My Goodness! What an amazing invention. Move over electricity because this is what we need in life! We were both so surprised and happy. If you like raspberries you will be so happy- like we were- because this actually tastes like (and is real) real raspberries, nothing fake here.
What an amazing way to end the day. A cup of vanilla coffee and the best real raspberry chocolate ever created.

Image result for coffee and chocolate memes

I was sent a box of Fine Chocolate to review. That was my only compensation. You can get your own free box of chocolate HERE without having to write an honest review.

tysWant to Treat Yo’ Self like me? Follow these steps:
1. Visit this link here:
2. Order your free box of chocolate. Using code: HAPPYMAINEMUM
3. Wait a little bit for the mail.
4. Have the most relaxing day of your life!

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