50 Ways to Homeschool for Free Part 2

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Spring is here! The snow is gone (yes, it takes that long for the snow to go away here), the air is getting warmer (ok, I do have a heater on by my feet it was like 40F when I woke up), and it is getting dark later in the day. That means maybe you are thinking of doing one of 4 things: wrapping up your homeschool year, you follow the traditional school year so you are in the homestretch, you are moving up a ‘grade’ soon, you school year round and need more resources, or you are panicking because everything seems to be shutting down. With the closure of currclick, educents, teacher lingo, and teachers notebook our options for resources online are dwindling. It is coming to the point if you want even the simplest resource you will either have to pay for it (for a 1 sided worksheet, lame!) or subscribe to yet another newsletter that will never stop emailing you (of which I have vowed never to do but you can subscribe just to my blog if you would like); so the question is now what? Well, I have written 50 Ways To Homeschool for Free Part 1 and 50 More Ways to Homeschool for Free! and now it is clearly time for 50 Ways to Homeschool for Free, Part 2.
Please remember all these links, books, shows, etc were working at the time I wrote this and they could change, while it is rare I remember on one blog people complaining that TubiTV changed their free shows, while I can’t change that, I know most things stay live for quite a bit.

Homeschool For FREE

1. USDA Department of Agriculture Posters: https://nrcspad.sc.egov.usda.gov/DistributionCenter/search.aspx?Keywords=poster : These posters can be printed or mailed to you. These resources are about the environment, water cycles, types of soil, and more. They are really cool.

2. HOME of Maine: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HOME2020 : Homeschoolers of Maine offers amazing resources, weekly encouragement, how to homeschool options, the Maine State Laws, and up to date legislation so you know where your rights stand. HOME is a very valuable resource, whether you become a member or not.

3. House Rabbit Society: This is a great resource if you are learning about rabbits. This site has a whole slew of rabbit care, what to feed them and not to feed them, how they need help, and more.

4. National World War Two Museum: This nonprofit is awesome. The National World War Two Museum offers so many free classes and field trips right on their website. They also have a free dvd that you can request periodically and an awesome online store if you want to shop with an amazing cause.

5. Bunny World Foundation: These people are one of the top advocates for rabbits. This is a really cool resource if you have an animal lover in your family or you are learning about rabbits or advocacy. They offer ways to help the rabbit/shelter cause and have a lot of information about rabbits and caring for rabbits, the best of both worlds.

6. Watermelon Learning Resources: https://www.watermelon.org/Freebies : You can order watermelon posters, coloring books, and more for your learning needs. This is a fun resource. The non-profit does have the right to say no but it is well worth the try. This is fun and pretty cool.

7. Maine Homeschoolers and Unschoolers Facebook: This Facebook page is a pretty great resource regardless of where you live. They are community-based and seems they are just run by other homeschooling parents. The page shares a lot of Maine Legislation updates which is so helpful considering Maine really does not make it easy for us residents to know what is going on (I tried to sign up for a newsletter once and it took me over 20 minutes in links, signups, and email confirmations), schooling resources, online and Maine events, and a lot of other helpful resources. They share a little bit of everything.

8. Carries Book Reviews:  https://carriesbookreviews.com: This is a great blog because there are just endless book reviews. There is a new review almost daily.

9. Bunny Bunch Rabbit Rescue: Bunny Bunch offers great educational posters and easy ways to help the foundation. This would make an easy community service option from home. The posters are simple and good for all ages but are a great introduction for your younger kids.

10. Optics and Photonics Posters: These are pretty cool light posters and you can have them mailed or print as a PDF. I put the Women in Optics in my daughter’s room.

11. 10 Counting Songs to Teach Your Kids: This is a great resource for kids learning to count or who have dyscalculia. Kids learn better when you usi=e music and rhyming and this website provides 10 songs to help learn to count.

12. Painted Rock Ideas: https://brightercraft.com/2018/10/18/15-painted-rock-ideas/ : Painted rocks are huge here in Maine and they are by far the cheapest and easiest craft. These are 15 awesome ideas that you will have no problem incorporating into your schooling.

13. Make a Tee-Shirt Tote bag: I love this idea! This gives you easy steps to create a tote bag out of a simple tee shirt. With so many communities banning plastic bags (which makes shopping with 5 kids so easy right? ;p) and so many organizational/activities needs us homeschoolers need this is an awesome and useful hack.

14. Special Bunny: http://www.specialbunny.org : I like the Special Bunny website because it is perfect for your child who is aspiring to be a veterinarian. There is a whole section called ‘Special Needs and Medical Info’ which I highly suggest your student dig into if they are interested in becoming a veterinarian or interested in animal health.

15. How to Make an Apron from an Old Shirt: This is an awesome and simple step by step way to make an apron from an old shirt, any age could do this.

16. 100 Free Quilt Patterns: New or old quilters, this is a great resource and all the patterns are free.

17. 45 Free Online Courses: This site lists 45 courses that are offered free. A good resource to check out even though it is older.

18. 17 Skills to Learn on the Internet: This is pretty cool and I bet you or your older kids would enjoy this list. This lists 17 skills/hobbies that you can learn for free on the internet. Great unschooling resource.

19. 100 Present Tense Sentences:  This is a whole list of present tense sentences. This is a great way to teach present tense or get the creative writing juice flowing.

20. 150 Descriptive Words: a huge list of descriptive words. Great for learning grammar, creative writing, and learning how to read. 

21. Words to Say Instead of Very: This is really cool. It is on Pinterest if you click the image it just goes to something weird. But it is a list of words you can use in place of saying ‘very’. It is really useful.

22. Free Tee-Shirt Quilt Patterns: Kids do so many activities and get those free shirts they grow out of in a month. This is an awesome way to remember those moments. I wish I did this with all the activities I did as a kid.

23. Huge List of Words to Use Instead of ‘Amazing’: This is really neat and can work on a variety of lessons. There are 80 words listed to use in place of the word ‘amazing’.

24.  Virtual Homeschool Group offers classes you can take online, kind of like an online co-op. It is all volunteer based and a great option. Spots are limited and they do fill up fast. All classes are different.

25. Get your creative juices flowing with this list of crime-themed words and the definitions.

26. This is a large list of Catholic homeschooling options and activities. Some free some at a cost but a great resource regardless.

27. This site gives you a way to download YouTube videos so you can watch them without the internet. This was a huge life saver when I did a weird animals segment for our local co-op. I could find the videos at home, use this site to download them on my laptop, and then play the videos without internet at co-op.

28. Unschool Portfolio: This is a free way to make an online portfolio geared toward unschooling families. I have not fully tried it yet but I am planning on using this as an option this summer and I may write a review later.

29. Huge Verb and Preposition List: This is a huge list with a video all about verbs and prepositions.

30.  Free Sheet Music: I love this website and used it to print sheet music when I was teaching chorus in our local homeschool co-op. It is a great resource and has so many songs.

31. Rabbit Haven:  This website offers many PDFs on Rabbit care and how to help rabbits in the shelter.

32. This is a great chart that lists many past, present, and future tense.

33. This is a whole list of books with corresponding activities for them. An awesome resource and so useful.

34. This is a large WikiBooks list of free PDF books of a large verity.

35. How to Make a Rag Quilt: This is a really awesome way to make a rag quilt. This is a great all-ages family activity.

36. Make an Infinity Scarf: Any age could do this hands-on activity. Make a scarf, or scarfs, out of a teeshirt.

37. A large endless list of free printable books on almost any subject. Great for elementary learners.

38. Simple instructions on how to pray the rosary.

39. Prepositional Phrases: Use for LA lessons, creative writing, and more. These are great ideas and can be used in many different ways.

40. Free Reading Program: This is a free online literacy program and serves a large age range. 

41. Teach With Movies: This site is fantastic. TWM offers worksheets, lesson ideas, lists and more all geared toward teaching with movies.

42. Options for grades 1-6 this is a huge bird studies report from Canada.

43. Teach Your Monster To Read: I absolutely love this website and so doesn’t my son. He is not a fan of obvious learning games and as a result, he does not get to play many games on the computer (we do not do ‘fun’ games). This site is really cool. Kids learn how to read and build skills while playing monster games, building ships, creating spaceships, and more. It is so much fun.

44. Make your own free crossword puzzles for any topic.

45. Endless amounts of free children books, for all ages, as e-books/PDFs.

46. 1000 Quilt Block Patterns: Maybe a little more advanced, but this site has 1000 block patterns to choose from for quilting.

47. Free lessons when you are using the NatGeo ugly animals series.

48. A large list of fun activities and resources for studying police.

49. Teaching unit on birds from the Massachusets Audubon. It says for PreK but I used it in an all ages group.Teaching unit on birds from the Massachusets Audubon. It says for PreK but I used it in an all ages group.

50. Printable ruler. Comes in handy because you can never seem to find a ruler when you actually need one!

Whew! I hope this list was helpful and you were able to get some use out of it!
God Bless and Happy Learning!!!

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