10 Things to do with Your Growing Daughter

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Where does the time go? Seriously! I know I have a bunch of kids but for all of them it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and waiting for a new addition to our family. It is no different for my oldest. For so long she was my only daughter, but she will always be my oldest. Every day she gets older and time is flying. Going on age 10. Maybe that doesn’t seem old to you, but think about how long ago one of your kids was 10. Think about it? Now you get it! It was just yesterday wasn’t it? Here are 10 things I do and am hoping to keep doing with my daughter.

1. Girls Night: We have girls night twice a month. We go wherever she wants to. It normally ends up being Tim Hortons. Then we go shopping together. She helps me get the groceries for the week and we set time aside to talk about anything that is on her mind. From the last Mythbuster episode she remembers to her brother ruining her room. Everything is on the table. I love this time.

2. Picnics: Whether it is out at Prince Thomas Park or in the front yard. Picnics are the best and never go out of style. It is a wonderful bonding time.

3. Cooking: There is nothing like my girl helping with dinner or her cooking it all on her own. At the age of 9 she cooked a whole chicken all by herself, no help from me. It was the best chicken I had ever had. I was so proud. Cooking together really pays off!

4. Gardening: I love gardening with my girl. There is something about digging into the dirt that just makes the conversation flow. Whatever she is thinking or wondering always comes out when we are in the gardens together.

5. Going to the Library: We love going to the library as a family. My daughter loves it there. She goes upstairs and asks how she can help. She makes tons of crafts and I love watching her discover through reading.

6. Genealogy: My daughter loves seeing family members of the past and learning her family history. Her love of genealogy has led me to learn so much about our families and I am so glad she brought me to it.

7. Go on a Bike Ride; Whether you have bikes or not, they are super affordable and you can rent bikes almost anywhere now. Go on a nice bike ride together. Enjoy the time, the quiet, the movement.

8. Find Painted Rocks: Our ton does this thing where people paint rocks and hide them for others to find. When you find the rocks you then re-hide them. It’s silly and it is fun and we love it!

9. Clean Together: I’m not saying shove a to-do list under her nose. Clean together. Do it together. Wash dishes together, fold laundry together, help her clean her room together. Whatever it is do it together. It is worth it.

10. Crank up the Music and Dance: Pick a decade, throw on Pandora, and get your groove on! You are never to old to dance it up!

I would love to hear how you are keeping the relationship growing and consistent with your daughter. Enjoy the time! It sure is going by fast and is such a wonderful time!

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