Where Have I Been?

That is a loaded question. I’ve worked hard to consistently write but lately, it has been a struggle. I haven’t been relaxing though!

Last month I walked the Relay for Life in memory of lost family members and in honor of those friends and family who fought the battle of cancer, at the time my little brother was fighting cancer.

My Quest Club is still running and we have 3 new scouts! YAY! Quest Club is an all ages scouting program I started at my local library. It is officially a year old and has gone better than I expected. We still provide this scouting program at no cost and rely on ink cartridge donations and generous support from our library.

I participated in 2 different Alex’s Lemonade Stands during their Lemonade Week. One I coordinated at my local library and the other my family coordinated in honor of my brother.

I wrote a book. Still sounds weird to say! I like saying it though. I finished compiling and editing my collection of poetry ‘Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother’. It was released this week on Kindle and Amazon. This collection of poems is from 2014 to now, about the journey of living with the loss of your baby while raising your living children and having a rainbow baby.

I started the Compassion Course as well as training to become a Live Action ambassador.

I was baptized and came into full communion, the whole jazz, this Easter.

I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my wonderful husband.

My little brother, whom I mentioned before was battling cancer, passed away from cancer. He was 14 years old. My youngest brother and I accepted his 8th-grade graduation diploma where my little brothers received standing ovations.

Quest Club held their first Quest for a Cure cancer awareness walk. We raised over 50.00 for the Maine American Cancer Society.

I expect the Proverbs31:25 doula program to be up and complete by the end of this summer.

One of my boys turned 7! One of my boys turned 4! How this is happening is beyond me!!

I started a Bark for Life team. At the time for my brother who was fighting cancer. Now it is in honor of his memory and our neverending love for him.

Last month we did the Walk for Life for the First Step Pregnancy Resource Center. They did great and will be able to help more women and their families obtain classes and baby supplies.

We just wrapped up a week of VBS. Maybe their best session yet. My church is just wonderful and I am beyond grateful.

There you go. This summer looks insane with swimming lessons, basketball camp, farm league, scouts, and the library summer reading program. Make this time the best. Take life day by day. Today is MSG Gary Gordon Day and looks to be a VERY busy day. I’m ready and excited.

Thank you for being followers of this blog. I hope you caught my earlier post about the Saola it will make an awesome mini-lesson for this summer. Just a few seconds of learning and the Saola is just an amazing creature.
I’m excited for this summer and more reviews. I hope you caught the Fine Chocolate reviews because if this summer is anything like mine you will NEED it!!

I’ll see you soon!! Blessings!


Life Looks Pretty Good 🙂 I need a new cup because as of October 2018 I need one that says 5 Reasons I love being a mom 🙂

5 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Congratulations on your new book. That’s always a surreal accomplishment. I remember publishing my first book in 2013. I could hardly believe I did it! Something I wanted to do for ten years.

    You have been through a lot in your life. I’m sorry for so much loss! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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