Poetry Book Kick-Off Giveaway

I wrote a book and I am super excited to share it with you!

I lost a daughter in 2014. This was my first and only experience with a baby who was born still. I wrote about this birth experience as a guest on Heavenly Treasures. Which you can read here.

The journey through losing a baby is never ending I have learned. I lost our daughter after giving birth to two healthy children. I had had miscarriages in-between all three pregnancies (and after) but I learned, for me, there was a difference in feelings and functionality when I had our daughter. I found this to be true with many mothers who I mentored through the Grieve Out Loud penpal program also. The biggest thing I have learned through my time as a penpal, as a babyloss doula, and as a mother of loss is this: We want our babies remembered and we are tired of being swept under the rug. I have worked hard to promote infant loss awareness.

After doing a Poetry Express program with the Maine Humanities Council last summer I decided to revisit my love of poetry, which I have always had (especially as a teenager), and see what I had. I came across a few things I had written while I was in the early grieving stages of our daughter. This just kept coming. Eventually, over a few months I took the time, made a manuscript, worked hard, and here you go:

Now available on Amazon!

Pretty cool right?

You can order it now. Or you can Win It!

Yes, Win It!

I worked with Rafflecopter and you can now enter to win a signed copy of my book Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother and the Kindle Edition.

an AWESOME Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter my giveaway to receive a free Kindle Edition of my book and a free signed copy of my book!

Click to Win>>>>>>book

 Win A Signed Copy!

I am super excited about this and I hope you are too! Don’t forget my program I run on my blog Gifts for Parents of Baby and Child Loss , you can see up on the top of my site.

Remember, Infant Loss happens and we need to #SayTheirName and #RememberTheBabies


We are all in this together mothers!


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