My Book Is Out!

Super exciting, Right?

My first book (of many I hope) is now available on Amazon and Etsy through County Road Publications.

I am super excited!

My collection of poetry has been a long time coming. I titled my collection ‘Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother‘ because some of these poems I thought were lost, I rediscovered them when I decided to start writing again, something I have always loved but I lost as life went on. I choose ‘Functioning Mother’ because that is exactly how I felt when we lost our daughter, who was stillborn. I had two living children at the time and raising them while grieving (and working) was a struggle. Five years later, more writing, and I had the opportunity to turn my journey into a poetry collection. Hopefully, a collection that will help other mothers know that they are not alone, they are valid, and that those feelings are not ‘crazy’ or exaggerated’.

If you missed the book kick-off giveaway you can find my book here on Etsy signed or unsigned. You can also order it off of Amazon or receive the Kindle Edition.

It is amazing to see all this hard work to be done and now I can rest and share my collection with the world around me.

and get writing again. You can see what I was up to during the past crazy two months here: Where Have I Been?

Let me know what you think of my collection and I hope to see you around Maine when I am showcasing my book.


4 thoughts on “My Book Is Out!

  1. You’re amazing for plugging on ahead after such a traumatic loss. Your bravery in sharing is going to help so many women out there.

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