10 Reasons to Try Homeschooling Before School Starts


I hear a lot of excuses for why people do not homeschool. Those excuses are always followed simply by me telling someone I homeschool. While I am not judging you for sending your kids to a traditional school and while I could care less for your reasons why you do not homeschool (see 10 Things Homeschool Mums Want School Mums to Know), I want to take time before summer ends and let you know that summer may be the perfect time to try homeschooling. I mean what do you have to lose if you try homeschooling tomorrow? School will still start and you can send them to regular school anyway when the time comes. So why not give it try?

10 Reasons to Try Homeschooling Before School Starts

1. You will discover so much about your kids that you didn’t know. You will learn their random thoughts, favorite colors, favorite animals, what all of their interests are, so many things. You may think you know all of these things now but you will be really surprised if you let them lead the interests for a day. I mean have ever heard of a Saola? I have and it is only because I homeschool. Start your first lesson with this: Lesson: Saola

2. You will appreciate your town. We have the Loon Festival, Festival of Lights, Penobscot Pirate Paddle, Harvest Festival, MSG Gary Gordon Day, Comedy Festival, and more. That is just in our little town. We are also close to everything Bangor does, Millinocket does, and the famous Springfield Fair. Take a second and see everything around you. You will be amazed. You will not ever be home and it is because you can!

3. You will have a better understanding of history. Never in my life had I ever gone to a local historical society. Now that I homeschool I have been to plenty. The Burlington Historical Society is pretty much the coolest place I have ever been to and I have learned so much about the state of Maine from that little town. The Lincoln Historical Society simply cares so much about preserving everything historical about the small town that it is admirable.

4. You may get a new pet. Don’t cringe! I know it sounds crazy and a lot of work but hear me out. Swimmer is pretty much the coolest pet ever. He is an aquatic frog, he is see-through so you can watch him grow and see how he develops. He is a filter feeder so you don’t have to clean his tank constantly and he doesn’t need a lot of room. We have had this type of pet for two years now. They have a lifetime replacement, which we have used, so don’t worry.

5. You’ll never be home. Have you ever been to Leonards Mill? What about the Maine Children’s Discovery Museum? The Lincoln Walking Trails? Baxter State Park? I could go on forever. Local or a little trip, you’ll never be home.

6. You will learn more than your kids. You will learn endless amounts of history, science, arts, culture, nature facts because that is what your kids want to learn. You will regain a new sense of wonderment and adventure because you will want to keep knowing.

7. You’ll save money. Unless you cave into the notion that homeschooling is so expensive (it isn’t, see 50 Ways To Homeschool for Free Part 1, 50 Ways to Homeschool for Free Part 250 More Ways to Homeschool for Free!). You will spend way less on school supplies. I’ve seen the list at dollar tree, I don’t get it, I remember as a kid either A. not using it, B. losing it, or C. pooling the stuff together. I also do not get it because I homeschool and do not need 4 packages of expensive pete’s magical hypoallergenic crayons (I’m exaggerating). I need one pack of the cheapest crayons possible and then we melt the broken pieces and make cool new crayons throughout the year. And by doing this I save money and cover art and science class for a day. Bam!

8. You will go to the library. Do not roll your eyes at me! Every local homeschool parent I have met is from the library. And the other friends I have made are not just from the library they also work at the library. I have always believed a library is a magical place but you don’t even know until you start going 2, 3, 4, 5 times a week (I went three times just yesterday). The books (the smell of books), the programs, the people, the opportunities, the inspiration. All can be found free at your local library. When was the last time you read a family chapter book? When was the last time you read a book? Well, all of that is about to change!

9. You might discover you want to do something different in life. You yourself may discover a new interest, hobby, adventure! Hey, maybe you will still send the kids back to school at the end of August (or whenever it starts) but maybe you yourself will end this homeschool experience with a new love of cross-stitching, a new love of painting, pursuing a degree in biology, maybe you will start woodworking, take an adult ed welding class, try pilates. You may just find something to do or start or like or explore something for YOU and that in itself is AMAZING!

10. You won’t be so quick to judge. Maybe you’ll meet me and still think I am annoying or a weirdo (because I talk too much, or I am too loud, or any of the other things I try and tell my husband are my qualities) but it will not be because I homeschool my kids (just my obnoxious personality and I can accept that). You will get to know the people around you, yourself and your kids included. You will meet new people, see new people, read about new people, hear different stories. Maybe you’ll take the time to get to know other homeschool kids or mums instead of avoiding us. I guarantee you when you are on one of your adventures, learning your child’s interests, capturing tadpoles to watch grow, that you will meet new people, hear new stories, and learn something new.
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