ABC’s of Starting the New School Year

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ABC’s of Starting the New School Year

August is looming. The summer is hot and we are wondering how much longer must we suffer.
Ok, maybe it is just me who is wondering that. I hate summer :p.
Nonetheless, we cannot deny that the new school year is coming. It is looming. It will be here.
Whether you are a homeschooler, like myself, or a traditional schooler, I have some thoughts on the new school year coming. The ABC’s of a new, better normal, easier, whatever year. I feel like this applies whenever you start school or feel like you are in an exhausted rut.

This is my ABC’s of Starting a New School Year.

Appreciate this season of life. Whether you have a two-year-old (like me) a high schooler or an attitude-filled ten-year-old (also like me) appreciate this season. Because, though it may feel long, it will end. It will be over. Before your eyes, there will be a new chapter, a new accomplishment, a new issue. Every veteran mum and grandma I bet will vouch for this. Appreciate this season of life you are in right now.

Be Bold. Put on those awesome leggings (not silly) with the funky Hawaiian print. Dye your hair blue with your kids. Let your daughter paint your nails, no matter the color or how it looks. Be Bold, have fun, Be weird, do you.

Cooperate together more. Do your kids fight? Is your daughter (like mine right now) sitting over your shoulder watching everything you are doing talking about every project in her craft book? Shut the laptop and go build that random craft she keeps pointing out. Start compromising and work together more and see the changes. Cooperate together nd the habit will stay that way.

Do Dinner Dates. Start having a Dinner Date with your sons, with your daughters, with your husband! You don’t have to go out to a restaurant. Go on a picnic, do it at home, whatever works. Do Dinner Dates! I do one with my daughter every other week and it is a wonderful time, even if we are just getting groceries together.

Everything happens for a reason. Make it your mantra. Say it over and over. Handwriting struggles are happening so you can spend more one on one time with that child. Math issues are occurring so they can spend more time with that math wiz uncle. Attitudes are happening because they are discovering their voices and opinions-no matter how angering it can be. Everything Happens for a Reason, even if you have to wit and see that reason sometimes.

Finish what you started. I am a big believer that you finish what you start. Whether that is a chore, sport, extra activity, a book, whatever it is. Finish what you start. It is one of the best lessons I try and instill.

Go about your day. Whether it another mum at a shared activity, a kid kicking and screaming somewhere, a fistfight between the kids. Solve it, hear it, deal with it quickly, and Go About Your Day. You are not going to let gossip, attitude, an early morning fight, ruin your day.

Help when you can. I have a rule in my home that if someone asks you for help and you can do it then you should help. Help whenever you can. I bet you it will make you feel as good as the person you are Helping.

Ignite a passion for learning. No matter what your schooling journey is, do not let the joy and passion of learning go away. Encourage it, hold on to it, crave it, mimic it. You need a passion for learning just as much, if not more than your child. Ignite a passion for learning! Be involved, excited, purposeful.

Joke around. Play pranks, tell jokes, google knock-knock jokes. Joke around with your kids. They will love it and I bet when you start you’ll start laughing.

Know who you are. Easier said than done. Know who you are, discover your purpose, see where you are and who you are. Know your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Know who you are and your kids will be thankful and mimic your behavior.

Love on your family and those around you. Love everyone. Treat others as you want to be treated. My biggest inspiration is the Paper Crane Project. Leave notes around the house for your spouse to find. Make a smiley face in the sandwich. Tell your kids you love them for no reason at all. Pick flowers and give them to the librarian. Just Love on everyone around you.

Make Memories. Making Memories doesn’t have to be apple picking or posed pictures at restaurants. I can be making your own traditions, celebrating certain holidays or birthdays (like dr. suess day). It could be anything that you do purposefully to make a special memory for someone. My bi-weekly girls night is how I am making a memory with my daughters and I hope they will always continue it.

Notice your surroundings. Always look around you and notice what is going on. Whether this is for good or bad purposes (ie. stop and smell the roses) always notice what and who is around you,

Organize your spaces. Notice I didn’t say your whole home? That may be overwhelming. Organize your space, same goes for your kids. Start this season off right with an Organized space.

Print out Pictures. Go through your phone, camera, facebook, Instagram, whatever is the thing to do now and pick real pictures, real moments you want to remember and print them out! Start doing this regularly!

Quilt clothing you want to remember. Gather up all the class tee-shirts, the walk-a-thon tees, onesies you cannot part with, and make a Quilt out of them. Pay someone to do it if you have to, you will be glad you did.

Read more. Make a point to read a chapter together every day (doesn’t have to be at night). Make a point to read something for yourself, even if it is just a page at a time. I carry a book with me wherever I go and work on it as I can. Read more, for yourself and with your family.

Stop caring. Stop caring about what everyone else has. Stop caring about what everyone else is doing. Stop caring if you are too shy, talk too much (raising my hand), have silly worries, that you think someone is talking about you. Stop caring. You do you.

Talk to each other. Take that phone away from your face and Talk to each other! I hate going out to eat and seeing all these families, kids, and parents, with their phones in front of their faces. Have a full conversation with each other, get to know each other. Just because this is your family or friend or child doesn’t mean you know everything about them. Talk to each other!

Understand each other and those around you. Make a habit of trying to see the others point of view. No matter how big or small the argument or situation is, try and see it from their point of view. See if you can give each other the opportunity to Understand who what where and why. This is very important for new, old, and changing friendships that are coming up.

Voice your concerns. I believe this goes for both parents and kids. Everyone overall needs to Voice their concerns. Whether it be about family, friends, peers, other adults we are around. We all should Voice our concerns to each other to keep each other in the loop and Vocalize our fears and concerns.

Walk together every night. You can try and give me the lecture that you’re tired, that you have XYZ and you just can’t go for a walk. It’s too hot, too cold, to dry, to whatever. Take the plunge and start taking a walk as a family regularly. It will become consistent and you will be thankful.

Xenodochial. Ha! I bet you didn’t think I had one for X 🙂 . This is a word I remembered and had to relook up again from my high school days. Xenodochial is an adjective that means something/someone being friendly to strangers. This is an adjective that I believe we should want all of us to be described as.

Yearn for more. Yearn for more for yourself, your family, your friends, everyone. Simply want more for everyone around you. Yearn for more positivity, kindness, all the ABC’s for all.

Zip it. That is my last letter. Zip it. No gossip, no he said she said, no spreading lies, rumors, avoiding the truth so you do not get in trouble. Zip it. I don’t want my kids to participate in spreading unkindness. I am sticking with Zip it.

3 thoughts on “ABC’s of Starting the New School Year

  1. Ashley, there is so much to glean from this post, and I am glad to have found this right before the school year starts. You’re right, these days will pass by all too quickly. Looking at those areas of struggle and seeing them as opportunities to grow and spend time together – that will stay with me.


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