Book Tour

My new book “Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother” is now available from County Road Press and I am so excited!

Every book sold here comes with a bookmark I handmade myself.
My book is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime.

My virtual book tour has started and I hope you will join me on this awesome quest!
My traditional Maine book tour is ongoing.

Visit me on these reviews, guest posts, and more!

July 29th: Book is available as a reader prize at the Lincoln Memorial Library in Maine.

August 1: Momma Survival Guide: How to Help a Mother After Loss

August 5: Book will be available at Lincoln Memorial Library in Maine.

August 8: Back to School Traditions with Simple, Tender, Joyful.

August 18: Homeschooling in Maine with Living the Unexpected Life

Homeschooling In Maine | Homeschooling In All 50 States series | Laws | Resources | Activities | Classes | Groups

August 23: What Working Moms and Stay at Home Moms Really Think of Eachother with Simply Snapping Mom

August 24th: Lincoln Memorial Library Open House 8-12pm


If you are interested in reviewing my book, interviewing me, having me do a signing, or having me as a guest writer please contact me here.


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