10 Toys in My Homeschool


top view photography of toddler playing with toy

10 Must Toys in My Homeschool

For my family, homeschooling is supposed to be fun. Do not get me wrong, we have hard days. Overall though it needs to be fun, so they enjoy home education and so I can continue to enjoy being a part of their education.

I see this question come up a lot in the social media world: what toys should I have for homeschooling?

I never thought we needed certain toys for homeschooling. But this reoccurring question had me thinking.

After observing my zoo. Here are 10 Toys in My Homeschool.


LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692 Building Blocks, Learning Toy

This kit specifically is well loved in my home. My sons ages 2, 4, and 7 wake up every morning and go straight to this Lego box. Wake up in the middle of the night? They go to the Lego box. Can’t wake up mum yet? Lego box. Bored and need something to do? This Lego box. Why every house doesn’t have this handy and portable container is beyond me.


Wooden Train Tracks Full Set, Deluxe 55 Pcs with 3 Destination Fits Thomas, Brio, IKEA, Chuggington, Imaginarium, Melissa and Doug – Best Gifts for Kids Toddler Boys and Girls

All my kids, ages 1-10 love the wooden train set. No train table needed, really, we have a train table and the train set takes over the house anyway. There is something about creating your own track that just makes a difference. The wooden set has always been preferred in this house. Maybe it is more fun to play with? Maybe easier to use? I can’t answer the reasoning behind it as we have and had plastic sets but it’s one like these ones that are the most loved.


As much as I try and avoid another kid loving transformers, I have been in the craze since 2012. With my youngest approaching one it seems the cycle will continue. I prefer the simple rescue bot version of the toys because I can figure them out. These are toys that get used, shared, passed on, and loved. I can say with confidence that these are the only toys that no one ever gets sick of. They are being used right this second in front of me, which is why they made the list.


Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars by Horizon Group Usa, DIY Wood Craft Kit, Easy To Assemble & Paint 3 Race Cars, MulticoloredMade By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars by Horizon Group Usa, DIY Wood Craft Kit, Easy To Assemble & Paint 3 Race Cars, Multicolored

For Quest Club we did our own pinewood derby and used these car kits. They were a hit! And now that the cars have raced they are a well loved toy in the home by the three of my kids who made them. The races still haven’t ended.


PicassoTiles 60 Piece Set 60pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks Construction Playboards – Creativity beyond Imagination, Inspirational, Recreational, Educational, Conventional

These have turned into an obsession. Our library ordered these and my kids, all 5, have become obsessed with them. They can’t stop using them. They will be this year’s prized Christmas gift. For now it will be a library treat but I can’t wait to see them using them daily in our home.


I guess it’s not a toy, but I am thinking of what is actually used in my home. Origami is my oldest child’s favorite activity. She does it all day every day, down to cutting her own paper to the right size. I love it because she has taught herself through books like the star wars book that has the paper and pattern in it. It keeps her happy and occupied and I do not have to learn how to do it. A success as far as I am concerned.


Kids ages 1-10 seem to love animal figures equally as much. Much loved, much used, and much wanted. I love eavesdropping on the stories they all come up with and I love seeing all 5 of them play together.


You know my family is heading your way because half of them are dressed up as whatever superhero they are that day. Every day they are dressed as someone different and every day I just have to roll with it. I never know who I will be teaching that day or who will be riding in the back of my beat up van. But I do know I will always be protected by a different superpower every day.


Glow Sticks Bulk Party Favors 100pk – 8″ Glow in The Dark Party Supplies, Light Sticks for Neon Party Glow Necklaces and Bracelets for Kids or Adults

I know it may sound silly and maybe it is just my house, but all five of my children are obsessed with glow sticks. Shaping them, swinging them, turning them into jewelry or weapons. I always need them in the house and I never have enough. Glow sticks are so loved in my home and they never get sick of them.


NEW Sportspower Ridgewood Me and My Toddler Metal Swing Set

The ever loved swing set. I went on Amazon and found the cheapest swing set that is the most similar to mine. Our swing set is ancient, loved, and still standing after an obnoxious amount of time. It was given to my parents when they had my little brother and they gave it to us a few years ago. It is well over 15 years old. Still Loved, still standing, still sturdy. I believe a swing set is the only big toy any family needs and everyone can use it. I even sit on a swing with the baby and swing. The swing set is such a loved toy.

For the purpose of being able to write this in a timely manner I did find everything on Amazon. But I searched all toys that we use at home and searched them on Amazon to make writing this more accessible and simple. This is not a paid advertisement for these toy companies, Amazon, or anything else. These are all loved items in our home, most given to us, that are used daily.
I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you an answer to the random question of what toys you need in homeschooling.
I think the answer is pretty obvious. Whatever you want, whatever the interest is.

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