To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,

I care about you. 

Maybe you don’t want me to care about you, and for that I do apologize. But that is just who I am, just like you are you.

To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,I  am sorry. I am sorry that life is bringing you so far down that you see no way out. I am sorry that you feel intimidated when other people are happy, when other people appear to have their lives together. I truly am sorry and if I am one of those people I hope that someday in your life you are allowed peace and healing and are able to forgive me.

Most of all I hope you can forgive those close to you and yourself and your past, present, and future.

To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,

If you are the mom who brings others down, intentionally or unintentionally, know that you are judged a lot less than you may think.

Know that every single human is being judge by another fellow human and you are not alone in this issue. We are all in that boat together but with that knowledge it is up to you on how you handle it.

All in all though, people are thinking about you negatively a lot less than you think.

It is ok to be cautious, it is smart to be cautious. Never forget though, that more people have simple, good intentions than the ones who you may fear want to harm you.

To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,

Mother, I have been you. I have envied that mother who appears to have it all. That ‘pinterest’ mom, that ‘cool chic’ mom, ‘retro’ mom, ‘PTA’ mom, that picture perfect mom, the flawless mother with the great make up, perfect clothes, and spotless well behaved kids.Some days I still would love to be that mom I used to judge and envy! In that moment of anger, in that moment of envy, in that moment of being completely sick of that woman, bringing her down, calling her out, belittling her, may seem like a great idea, a good idea to not only make you feel an inch better but to show those around you and her that she is not as great as she appears.

Dear mother, the mother who brings others down, how do you feel after? After these moments of hopeful satisfaction?

To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,

Fellow mother, fellow woman, fellow human. I care about you. We do not have to have the same parenting styles, the same marriage, the same job, same ambitions, same political views. I will never make a thoughtful effort to make you feel bad, to ever bring you down. I want to be a shoulder, I want to be helpful, even if that means trying not to be around you because it triggers you.

To that mother who brings others down, I hope you find the peace and happiness that you deserve. I hope you learn the value of forgiveness and how much relief it really does provide. Please see that you do not have to bring others down! We are all different, we all have hard times, some of us pull ourselves out, some of us don’t. We all have envy at some points in our lives. It is up to us as individuals on how we deal with it.

To the Mom Who Brings Others Down,

To the mom who brings others down,

Someday you will not have to anymore. It is going to be the greatest feeling you have ever known.

To the mom who brings others down

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