A Different Christmas Tale

A Different Christmas Tale

By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell

Author of Carry Me Along and Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother.

This Christmas season

If you are able, please see

You are not apart;

Your heart has an angel

You hold very deep

It is safe to weep.

This Christmas season,

And every event that proceeds,

Hold your reasons tight and take the lead.

Remember that they are not far from wherever you are

You can feel them in every breeze.

This Christmas season,

You can catch them in the freeze.

Hang their ornaments and stockings with care

And say a prayer.

See their stars, their wings, their heart, their sparkle,

Everything they bring;

See the strong trail they have left on life

And follow it through strife.

Every Christmas season

Do not forget to tell their tale,

Never fail to love them and all other beings with care.

Dedicated to Brady.
A Different Christmas Tale will be featured in the Lincoln News on December 26th 2019

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