10 Resolutions for the Homeschooling Mum

It is 2020. What does that mean for you?

Do you make resolutions? Goals?

I have always struggled with the concept of the new year’s resolutions. I am more of a new month/new week resolution kind of gal.

So because of this, I have decided to dedicate the month on January to resolution lists. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you and motivate me!

To kick-off, here are 10 Resolutions for the Homeschooling Mum:

1. Condense subjects. I would like to condense as many subjects as possible. English, history, and science I would like to combine as reading time. Art, drawing, science, and nature I would like to combine as one drawing/art time. More condense subjects mean more time, freedom, and the time to learn freely on their own time, and that is important to me. I would love to hear how changing worked for you or how this always has worked for you.

2. Sort Books. I have hundreds upon hundreds of books. Most in totes, bags, and random boxes. My goal is to head to the dollar tree and sort all my books by subject, event, author, and then keep that way. Reading is our curriculum and it desperately needs to be sorted. When I say hundreds, I mean it, wouldn’t be surprised if I was in the thousands by now.

3. Make time for friendships. I would not be surprised if this resolution will end up on every post. My daughter asked me who my friends were. That question sure made me think! As an adult, you seem to have types of ‘friends’ or people you just know. I’d like to have real friends, maybe it won’t be childhood-back-in-the-day types of friends but I would like to see what happens and I would like to hear from you on how this worked for you.

4. Have organization. How do you keep your home organized with the amount of stuff that piles up? With a family of seven, plus pets, plus caring for other family children, how can I have a liveable home again? Homeschooling I have seen first hand and out of my own home how this affects the home. How do we as mums keep our sanity and yet are not cleaning 24/7 or enslaving our children?! I’m exaggerating. Homeschooling resolution #4 is definitely consistent and easy organization.

5. Portfolio. In Maine, you have to have a certified teacher review your portfolio or have a standardized test ‘to show progress’. This year I would like to keep a consistent portfolio, pictures, work, etc. Not only to show progress but to be able to keep as a memory for when this adventure is over.

6. Spend More Time Outside. Reading, exploring, family time, whatever, keep it outside. Just being outside has been proven to be better for you. 2020 will be the year of outside.

7. Write More Letters. Bring back the art of letter writing. Quest Club has a wonderful badge on letter writing and it has inspired me to bring this back. Write more letters to family, friends, even political causes, and letters to the editor. Bring back eloquent opinions and debating, the art of updates, and touching base.

8. Raise adults. I met an in law for the first time (my husband’s first time also) last summer and found out she homeschooled also and had grown kids. She said something that has really stuck with me. She isn’t raising children, she is raising adults. That has really stuck with me. We are raising the future. What do we want that to look like?

9.More Music. More listening to music, learning new music tastes, more YouTube music lessons. More dancing while we overcook dinner. More exploring what types of music my children like. Introducing my kids to music I like, I grew up with. More holiday music during Christmas time. I am most looking forward to discovering what my children like.

10. Play it all out. See how things play out. When a fight breaks out, instead of stepping in, just wait and see how it plays out. When handwriting is impossible to read and things are misspelled, see if they can read it first. When Math problems are incorrect, see if they notice that day or tomorrow first. When we are trying something new see how it feels. Overall this year, just see how everything plays out. Maybe it is all supposed to fall through for a reason. Maybe not. Join me and just seeing how everything plays out, and just sit with a cup of coffee a little longer, maybe you will get to drink it hot then.
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