10 Best Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Type in homeschooling in the Facebook search bar and you are overwhelmed with everything out there.

Do you join every Facebook group out there?

How do you pick and choose?

I have been apart of hundreds of Facebook groups for homeschooling families. I was sent a nasty message once because when I said what book we were reading, a user apparently went to their website and found out they were a Christian author, which I didn’t know at the time, and accused me of breaking the group rules and peddling religion. It was a picture book about a talking animal! I was just joining the friendly conversation of ‘what is the most recent book you have read with your children?’.

That escalated quickly.

So how do you choose a friendly drama-free Facebook group?

I have created a list of ten groups that I have had great luck with and no issues. While I can’t say that will last forever or guarantee your luck, I have been happy about being a member of these ten homeschooling groups.

These are the questions I ask myself when considering staying in a homeschooling group:

-are the users civil even if they disagree on hard subjects or politics?

-is the same question asked over and over again?

-when users ask for help or suggestions, are they given that or just given opinions and lectures? 

1. Worksheets, Printables, and Blogs for Teachers and Homeschoolers
I like this group because it is not endless people asking questions, it is all writers and work creators sharing links to what they have created. I like being able to explore. I find it easier to go to the search bar, type what I am looking for, and find it.

2. Crunchy and Christian un/homeschool moms
I like how simple this group is. It is very undramatic, not super busy so I do not have constant notifications, and most of it is just positive encouragement. I enjoy the presence in this day and age of constant posting and negativity.

3. Homeschooling Parents who are Writers
I like the bond of meeting other parents who are writers and homeschoolers. As an author and blogger myself I am glad to be a part of a group where I can actually connect and support fellow homeschooling authors and see how others manage it all. It feels nice to be able to support and buy from authors who are going through the same thing I am.

4. Free Homeschool Curriculum
Free is my jam and this group is great because only things that are free are allowed to be posted. The best way to utilize this large group is to use the search option and type in what you are looking for. You will find free resources and worksheets on everything you will ever need. The about section says this group is run by the blog Free Homeschool Curriculum.

5. Homeschool Printables for FREE
This group is great for asking questions. You ask a homeschooling needs question, you will be answered quickly and with useful resources. Everything is good quality and printable. It is a great place to be a part of. This group says it is run by Homeschool Printables for Free with Stephanie.

6. Free Homeschooling Links
This is another Facebook group where the best way to utilize it is to use the search bar. Quick, easy, and you will receive an answer. When I have a school question I normally need the resource right then and there and this group really helps with that.

7. Secular Homeschooling with Netflix & Other Media
Please notice in this name is Secular, and they are VERY strict about that. I like this group because I can easily find resources for all streaming venues and youtube. I can normally find something helpful by just searching and not asking. When I do have to ask though I also receive a very helpful response. I would not join this group if you are picky or like to start arguments, this is not the group for that and you should just keep scrolling. It is secular and politically correct. I can almost always find a source pertaining to what I am looking for.

8. Homeschool with Movies
This is a Christian friendly movie group. I have always been able to find what I am looking for sources and have been able to use the search feature the most. It is worth scrolling through this group because many users just post links to movies and nothing else. Just through my newsfeed, someone in the group has posted a link and it turned out to be a useful movie I didn’t even know we could watch on our service. in the about section, it says this group is by Bible Journal Love.

9.EPIC Educators Society
This is a great homeschool group for friendly discussions. I have watched this group since it was created and it seems to be more discussion-based. While I am not an avid discussion participant on social media (not my jam) I do enjoy reading conversations when I can and this group has been great for that and to see what others need help with, are struggling with, and how other homeschooling parents are succeeding.

10. Business Owners who Homeschool
I greatly enjoy reading the conversations in this group. It is so comforting to see other parents are struggling to homeschool, run a business, succeed, volunteer, and everything else. Users are always positive and always offering helpful advice on how to do it all. This group is great because it shows me where to go to support other homeschooling businesses as well as virtually bond over the positives and negatives of working for yourself and homeschooling your children.

No one paid me or asked me to include their Facebook group or write this or anything silly like that. I wrote this for the pure fun of writing.

I hope this was a helpful post and helps you navigate that homeschooling Facebook group portal that can seem very overwhelming. If you have had positive, or even negative, luck with a homeschooling Facebook group please feel free to share!

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