Quest Meeting: Snow Badge

Today was Quest Club. I started a Quest Club with the support of our local library. We have been going since 2018. I always thought I would incorporate our scouting journey with my blogging but for whatever reason I never made it happen. Well, I am making it happen now. Every week I will be writing about our weekly Quest Club meetings and what we are doing.

Some Background:

I started our local Quest Club when all the politics became a little much with organizations like the traditional boy and girl scouts. I am a pretty drama-free person and nationally and locally these just were not a fit for our family. My oldest son was in boy scouts for two years but for the previously mentioned reasons, especially locally, I decided it was time to step back. Upon years, hours, and more of research, of trying to find a scouting sponsor and community, and many other factors, we finally had the resources and support to start a Quest Club with our local library. We decided to open this scouting program at no cost for the children who wanted to be a part of our scouting group, allow them to learn with us, and be heavily involved in community service. This method has worked very well for us. It was very important for us to reach all children because of the rising costs of the dozens of other scouting programs, uniforms, and the mixed qualities. Our Quest clubis for all ages and genders. We meet weekly and earn badges as a troop or do a community service project. The Quest programis perfect for homeschooling families and for those looking for alternatives to traditional scouting. As I explained it to a friend of mine once, the program is a homeschooler’s dream. As I write about our weekly meeting I will not be stating what badge requirements we are fulfilling out of respect for the hard work and consistent hard work the Frontier Girls organization has and is putting into the Quest Club program. You can visit Quest Club here: I encourage that you check them out.

This Week’s Meeting:

This week at Quest Club my scouts earned the Snow Badge. We have had a three-week break and I wanted to kick off with something fun.
We started off our meeting by sitting around the table and watching this video:

By watching this video we were able to cover badge requirements that may have been a struggle for me.

Next looked at up-close pictures of snowflakes. Before our meeting, I tasked my daughter with running upstairs and searching for pictures of snowflakes and printing them off to share with our group. I then read this book:

This book is a great book and good for early readers. It has enough information where we covered badge requirements and learned great information but the pages were short and the pictures were bold.

Next task to earn our Snow Badge: Go Play In The Snow!
So the badge says to make a snowman, snow fort, or make ten snowballs. Observe the snow. Etc. That did not go as organized! But the kids had fun. They played, ran, put the untouched library snow to good use. Made snow designs and climbed banks. They had so much fun.

When it was time to come inside and warm up we did our final task to earn our Snow Badge. We looked at the pictures my daughter printed out of snowflakes, brought out the legos, and tried to create our own snowflakes. Two of our scouts also made paper snowflakes.

We ended this week’s Quest Club meeting with a small community service project. The Maine Veterans Home has a feature on their site where you can write to the veterans that reside in the homes. Each scout wrote an e-mail and picked which center they wanted to send their email to. You can do the same with your kids or just on your own here:

Our troop also gives away our own Quest Volunteer of the Year Award. The scouts vote on who they want to receive the award and we present them with a certificate we make, a pin a scout has picked out, and a framed signed poem about volunteers. Our scouts voted on who will receive it this year and we will present that to an adult volunteer the children feels has helped them once their pin arrives.

We also planned what we wanted to do for the month of February which is Love Your Library Month.

I hope this has helped you in planning your own Quest Club meetings or has given you homeschool ideas. I will see you next week!

****** Our scouting program relies on the generosity of our community. We do not charge for our scouting program, uniforms, etc. We believe every child should be a scout regardless of their family’s financial ability and/or political beliefs. If you would like to support our troop please take a look at our wish list on amazon. Thank you******

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  1. Boy Scouts wasn’t a fit for our family, either, when we were homeschooling the boys (they’re grown now). I wish we would’ve had something like this available for us back then.

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