10 Places to Print FREE Coloring Pages

Kids like to color? You like to color? Need a change or just a break in the day?
Look no further! I have compiled a list of the ten best websites to get any printable you could dream of.
No need to do a Google search or head out to the store. These 10 sites will provide you everything you need from coloring the Mona Lisa to Forky from Toy Story.
Take a chill day and color!

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1. Crayola: The coloring giant has it’s own resources of coloring pages. This has great printables. You can find many pages from your favorite shows and movies, even Disney characters. I have used it most for school-related things such as country flags, historical buildings, and state studies.

2. Super Coloring: Super coloring is one of my favorite places to print coloring pages from.  You can print any animal you can possibly think of from this website, which comes in handy with children like mine. I have also used these printables many times in my co-op. You can print and color anything under the sun. Animals, insects, history, people, cars, the world is yours!

3. Coloring by DLTK: I have been using DLTK’s website for years. They have their own coloring page system that has categories and is easy to navigate. I am a huge fan of their ‘Works of Art’ section where kids can colors famous paintings and a little description is under the picture.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers: Teachers Pay Teachers offers paid and free resources. Go to the search bar and type what you are looking for, then change your price settings from low to high. This way you will see all the free resources also. This is a good option when you are in need of something simple but still going on with your lesson or interest of the day.

5.DLTK Kids: Thie site probably has over 100 categories and selections when it comes to coloring pages, crafts, mini-books, and more. Make sure you have time in your because you might get distracted and be searching a while. They also offer a way to color online.

6. Just Color: They have 13 most popular categories. They also have many favorite tv and movie charters to choose from. Thye have 13 subcategories under their education category and they are just ‘learny’ enough that you could trick your kids into learning while having fun.

7. Free Printable Coloring Pages: I love a website that is clear in the name. These are very cute and simple coloring pages.

8. Top Coloring Pages: This is a pretty cool page. These are very detailed pictures and they even have a celebrity section. Some of these may be good for adults who like to color. My kids enjoy the Lego character section.

9. TLS Books: I have used and raved about TLS for as long as I can remember. I love their verity of worksheets and they have a nice coloring section.

10. Get Coloring Pages: This website is pretty cool if you take the time to go through it. They have coloring pages for every single show I could think of, including many Netflix shows that I have never found before.

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