Upcoming Class: Poetry and Photography

I will be teaching Poetry and Photography with Outschool. This is a one-day online class  is available on:
Friday, January 31st, 3:00pm
Monday, February 10th, 11:00am
Tuesday, February 4th, 7:00pm
You can register HERE.

This class is based on how I created my book ‘Carry Me Along‘, which is a poem that is broken up by photography of nature in Maine. The goal of my book was to take simple, unedited photographs and have the reader see the beauty in the natural and simple things that are around you.

Carry Me Along
Carry Me Along‘ is a book I wrote geared toward my children about losing someone. My children prefer books with real pictures in them and that is what inspired my book.  My daughter has put together a book of poetry and photography that will be released on Valentine’s Day. It was a combination of my book and her aspiration to do the same that inspired me to write this class.

This Outschool class only can sit 12 students at a time and is scheduled for three separate meetings.

In this class, students will spend an hour learning about how to combine writing and photography. Students will learn how to determine when to break up a poem with a picture and how to choose a picture for that stanza or for each poem (if they are making a collection). We will go offer different types of poetry, how to create visualizations for your writing, the importance of themes, and the class will end with a Q and A.

If these three sessions that are scheduled do not work for you, you may request me to schedule a different time on the Outschool platform.

I am really excited about this opportunity and to teach more than just my children and I look forward to this class and my relationship with Outschool.
You and/or your students can register HERE for your class.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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