To the Failing Mum…

To the Mum Who Feels Like She Is Failing,
You Are More Than Enough.

I am trying to be a good person. Aren’t we all? Yet no matter what I do somedays I keep failing. I keep hurting someone. I open my mouth and the wrong thing comes out.
How does this keep happening?
I try to be polite-it ends up being wrong.
I try and keep a distance-it ends up being wrong.
I kid around-wrong
Sit in the corner-wrong
Offer help-wrong thing to do
Try to be welcoming to new people-wrong
Welcoming to everyone-wrong
I am constantly worrying about offending people and constantly try and keep that in mind, and guess what? Someone gets mad at me.
Volunteer as much as I can-It isn’t enough.


Do you see where I am getting at?
Every single time I do something it is wrong. I can’t win.

I wash the dishes, turn around and it looks like the OZ twister came through my home and Narnia threw up while Mr. Magorium’s Emporium had a riot.

I am at that season of Motherhood where nothing I do seems to be right or enough. Many of the people around me just seem to be confirming that.
After a while, as hard as you try, as hard as you might, the negativity is overbearing, it crowds you, it is pretty hard to escape.
The perfect mums, the Pinterest moms, the OCD parents, the Stepford Wives, the judgy parents, messy mums, bad moms, she-has-her-handfull mums, Instagram moms, poor mums and rich mums, soccer moms, athletic moms, all different weight class criticism parents, working mums, stay at home mums, anti-everything mums, every label and other name I’m sure I am forgetting.
Whatever you secretly call them; Whatever they secretly call you;
We know, we hear you, we see you, and we are well aware.
You are trying.
We are trying.
Despite what you think, despite what I think, despite what people around you may think, despite how you are treated and how you feel like you are treated.

You are trying
You are Succeeding
You Got This

My Post

We are Trying
We are Working
We are Succeeding
We Got This

Parenting, motherhood, being a woman. It is overwhelming, it is overpowering, nothing is right and everything is wrong.
Some days I feel like I cannot stop crying. It doesn’t mean I am crying, just that it is there and I feel it.
Some days I attempt to hide.
And yes, some days I have just thrown in the towel and sat down.

blogagainTo The Failing Mum…
It just doesn’t feel like it. But hold tight and know it is right.

To the Failing Mum… 
We are all Surviving and Succeeding. 

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