New Book: You are Wondrous


‘A beautiful work of art, both in poetry and artwork, from the deepest corners of a mother’s heart.” -Kat Caldwell author of An Audience with the King and Push a Pencil

(Maine, February 29 2020) Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell has released a new children’s book, ‘You are Wondrous’ now available for purchase from most online stores.

‘You are Wondrous’ was inspired by the author’s two daughters. Growing in a world that seems more chaotic than she remembers as a child, Mitchell wanted her daughters to know how important they are and that they are capable of accomplishing anything.

Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell is a homeschooling mother of five in Lincoln, Maine. She is an avid volunteer in her community. Ashley is a huge supporter of libraries and serves as the vice-president of her local library friends group. You’ll see her and her family at every charity walk in the area and volunteering at every event her town holds. Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell just wrapped up Lincoln’s first fishing derby in many years where she raised money for the Brady Nickerson Foundation. Mitchell has published three previous books.

‘You are Wondrous’ will be available free on Kindle Monday, March 2nd until Friday, March 6th (11:59pm).

“In a world that is so broken and negative, affirming that the girls and women in our lives are whole, wonderful beings is so important. They are perfect as they are. It’s the biggest gift we can give them. I will be giving this to my grown daughters, as a reminder. And to my granddaughter, so she knows how wonderful and what a special gift she is!” -Lisa Cartier, Women’s Health Practitioner and Doula with Women’s Integrative Health

‘You are Wondrous’ is accompanied by artwork done by author Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell. Each picture is created out of newspaper articles from the author’s local Maine paper that are about women in Maine she believes should be proud of what they have done. With this book, the author has also created a matching journal so it provides a healthy and creative outlet for those in need of ways to express themselves safely. The same art is used in the journal.

Mitchell’s youth visiting program has been going great with her new book. Children have enjoyed receiving their own journals and creating their own small pieces of art. Mitchell hopes that this book not only boosts self-esteem but the journal helps give our youth healthy and safe outlets to help them cope with the struggles of growing up. People interested in having Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell visit their class or youth program are encouraged to contact her or visit one of her many programs she volunteers with at the Lincoln Memorial Library.

Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell is currently available for book signings, readings, and visits. This is Mitchell’s third paperback and fourth ebook. She is currently working on accompanying journals for her previous books ‘Carry Me Along‘ and ‘Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother’ to continue her work encouraging people to have healthy and creative outlets through grief and other hard times.

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