2020s 50 Top Free Education Resources

It has been an INSANE year and it is only March! With the rise in homeschooling, the controversy in my state with LD 798, the coronavirus, schools shutting down, teachers struggling, and normal reasons why more education resources are needed; I decided to sit down today and create a list of the top 50 FREE educational resources of 2020.

I have written 50 Ways To Homeschool for Free Part 1, 50 More Ways to Homeschool for Free!, 50 Ways to Homeschool for Free Part 2. But I feel the time has come to pick the best of the best from those lists, provide updated resources, and reconnect with those in need of schooling resources.

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1.  Teach With Movies
Level: All Ages
This website is a good resource for all ages, high school included. Full of a wealth of resources and information, you can have all your education done through the magic of movies and TV. Lessons, worksheets, ideas, etc all available.

2. DLTK Teach
Level: Elementary
DLTK has all the workbooks, mini books, stories, puzzles, crafts, etc. that you will ever need for any elementary type lesson.

3. Free Sheet Music
Level: All Ages
This website has sheet music of current songs, older songs, and everything in between all at no cost and printable.

4. Printable Books
Level: Younger Elementary
Make Learning Fun has a list of books that younger children can print and read for free.

5. News for kids
Level: Older Elementary, Middle School
News for Kids is a free news website geared for kids. All their articles are of current events and are written for children to be able to read. The site does this with detail and without ‘dumbing down’ important news. I have seen it as the most unbiased news resource out there.

6. Discovery K-12
Levels: PreK-High School
Discovery K-12 provides a complete education online for PreK-12 students. All subjects are included, including art and gym. There are also extracurricular options. The program is 100% free and parents can opt to purchase a parent account.

7. Speedometry
Level: elementary
Hot Wheels has provided full STEM lesson plans and activities for you to use in the classroom and at home. Math, science, and more.

8. Magic School Bus Lessons
Level: Elementary-Middle School
Cornerstone Confessions has put together 180 days of Magic School Bus lessons for you to use alongside watching the Magic School Bus. These lessons download as a PDF and have all the resources you need to educate using the Magic School Bus.

9. Create Your Own Graph
Level: All Ages
NCES Kids as created a website for students to create their own graphs. This could make for a fun survey or research assignment.

10. Transcript Creator
Level: All Ages
This is a free website that allows you to create your own transcripts for your students. This is great for students going into new schools and students going into college.

11. Free Reading Room
Level: Elementary
From their website: The Free Reading Program is a free online literacy program. The program serves children and improves literacy through fundamental skills reinforcement activities.

12. Seterra Geography
Level: Older Elementary, Middle School
From Their Website: Become a geography expert and have fun at the same time! Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that gives you access to over 300 customizable quizzes.

13. Unit Studies for all 50 States
Level: Grades 3rd-8th
Ben and Me have created full and free unit studies for grades 3rd-8th.

14. Curriculum Pathways
Levels: K-12
Curriculum Pathways has created a website that provides a full online curriculum. All classes in all subjects from math to world languages to Microscopy to Reading to Algebra to anything else you can think of is available as interactive lessons.

15. ABC Ya!
Levels: K-6th
ABC Ya! is a website that offers only educational games in Math, Science, and Reading.

16. The National World War Two Museum
Level: Middle and High school
The National World War Two Museum provides free and paid classes, virtual tours, and more to help students really learn about WWII and have a more in-depth study. The resources this museum provides well surpasses what traditional schools provide when it comes to WWII education. It is a wonderful and much needed resource.

17. Sewing Patterns
Level: All Ages
This website provides millions of different quilting, clothes, bags, and more sewing patterns. All printable and downloadable friendly.

18. Mensa for Kids
Level: K-12
Mensa for Kids offers reading lists, lesson plans, and more for ‘reading excellence’ for all grades, including high school. If you finish the reading lists you can fill out a form and receive a free tee-shirt.

19. Brain Pop
Level: Upper Elementary-High School
Brain Pop and Brain Pop JR provide free and membership subscription videos for a verity of ages. With these videos, your student will watch the videos and then answer a few questions after and see their score. All the videos are accurate and educational. There are websites and apps for the Brain Pop programs.

20. Unschool Portfolio
Level: All Ages
Unschool Portfolio is an online platform that is designed to help at home educating families to keep track of records, attendance, and more.

21. Cookie Learning Games
Level: PreK-2nd
Cookie provides learning games, lesson plans, printables, and more. They concentrate on fun friendly games, math, science, and LA.

22. National Geographic Kids
Level: Elementary
National Geographic has created a website full of educational games, readings, resources, and more all geared toward kids. Their site concentrates on history, science, geography, and animals. The games they have are great for elementary students and their other resources are very good for upper elementary and middle school students.

23. Duolingo
Level: All Ages
Duolingo is a free website and app that teaches you different languages. Whether you are learning a language, sharpening your skills, or just getting better, Duolingo is a great learning tool.

24. PBS Kids
Level: Elementary
The PBS Kids website has videos, printables, and games that go along with all of their shows. Everything is educational. Their site also has a parent and teacher section that is more information on teaching, parenting, and dives into deeper subjects, parenting, teaching, lessons, and more. This is a great overall educational and life resource.

25. The World of Pinkalicious
Level: Elementary
This website provides lesson plans and activities pertaining to the beloved children’s series and now a PBS TV show. They also have games, coloring pages, provide event and party ideas, and more. It is a safe website for kids to use on their own.

26. Academy of American Poets
Level: High School and Middle School
Sign up for the Poem A Day email or research your favorite poet. Learn about poetry or read any poem under the sun.

27. Science News for Students
Level: Upper Elementary and Middle School
This is an online news resource for older students to research science-related topics and stay up to date in the science world.

28. International Children’s Library
Level: All Ages
Exactly like the name suggests, this website provides an unlimited amount of books in English and other languages that are free to read.

Level: All Ages
This website has free classes for younger kids and older children. Middle school and high school students will be very pleased with the older classes. From Earth Science to Digital Photography, you will learn and be happy with everything CK-12 has to offer. One of the best online programs around.

30.Storyline Online
Level: Elementary
This website has books read by favorite actors. It is a lot of fun to hear new and old books being read by a variety of stars. See and hear books read by Oprah, Sean Astin, Chris O’Dowd, Allison Janney,  Chris Pine, Elijah Wood, Melissa Gilbert, Christian Slater, Wanda Sykes, Hector Elizondo, Ed O’Neill, and so many more. Listen to  Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog, Tia & Tamera read No Mirrors in My Nana’s House, and Rashida Jones read Please Please the Bees.

31.Old Farmer’s Almanac
Levels: 2nd-12th
Old Farmers Almanac has a site for kids and their regular website. Their children’s site is good for second graders through middle schoolers. Their official site is good for middle schoolers through high schoolers to adults.

32. Highlights for Kids
Level: Elementary
This is a safe and fun website that children can use from the well known Highlights magazine.

33. Live Animal Webcams
Level: All Ages
Woodland Park Zoo allows you to watch live webcams of their Tigers, Grizzly Bears, and Bats.

34. Suessville
Level: Elementary
Suessville is a website dedicated to books by Dr. Suess. This website has online and printable games. This site also provides printable worksheets to go along with books by Dr. Suess. You can watch the original shows that were created with Dr. Suess books like Horton Hears A Who.

35. Little Free Library Map
Level: All Ages
You never know what you will find in a Little Free Library. This map will show where you can find a Little Free Library. If you search the site it will also show you how you can make your own Little Free Library.

36. Name a Star 
Level: All Ages
Have your student name a star. Staracle offers you a free way to name a star and provides you with a map to find the star. This could make for a really fun astrology project.

37. Rhyme Zone
Level: All Ages
Rhyme Zone helps students find words that rhyme together. That isn’t it though! You can find a definition, a quote, synonyms, homophones, how it is related to Shakespeare, and dozens of more options.

38. TLS Books Worksheets
Level: K-6th
I have been using TLS for years. All of their worksheets and workbooks are free, printable, download as a PDF, and are perfect. They cover all subjects. Music, art, reading, writing, math, science, and more. All of their resources are top-notch and well done.

39. Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool
Level: PreK-12
Easy Peasy is very popular. Many families rely on easy peasy for all their educational needs as well as a proper guide for their students’ education or structure. Easy Peasy can easily be adapted to fit your religion or general curriculum. Easy Peasy is Christian based and provides a full curriculum for all grades.

40. Moby Max
Level: Elementary and Middle School
Moby Max is very popular among schools. Moby Max is a common core resource that teaches children numerous math, LA, science, and social study skills. The lessons advanced as the student obtain more knowledge and prove themselves. The system keeps track of all the grading and does not let students move forward until they reach a certain level.

41. Catholic Online School
Levels: All Ages
Just like the name, this website provides religious education to all students, K-12, and beyond. They have religious study programs for adults, high school, all the way down to lower elementary levels.

Level: Lower Elementary
Starfall has two different apps and a great website available to use. Not everything from Starfall is free. What is free though, does seem to be enough and I have never met a child who didn’t like Starfall. Starfall provides reading, math, songs, and creative games. Their math goes from counting to fractions.

43. Free Homeschooling Resources
Level: Elementary
My blog provides free homeschooling resources and clip art. Everything here is free and open for your use.

44. Printable Ruler
Level: All Ages
This website allows you a free, easy, and quick way to print off a traditional shaped ruler.

45. Teach Your Monster To Read
Level: Elementary
This is a wonderful website for learning to read, to strengthen reading skills, and recognition skills. The levels of the games get harder as you progress, so even if it seems easy for your student it will only get harder until they finish it.

46. Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle
Level: All Ages
k-12, any learning level, any subject, this website is a free way to create your own printable crossword puzzle. Use it as a project, assignment, task, whatever. Make it yourself or have the student make it.

47. Teachers Pay Teachers
Level: All Ages
To sell on TpT you need to provide at least one free resource. Support a teacher or just use the free resources provided. You can find worksheets, PowerPoint, lesson plans, and so much more for high school students all the way down to PreK.

48. Christian Leaders College
Level: High school and beyond
Christian Leaders College allows you to study for free and then pay very affordable (super affordable and cheap) administration fees for your degrees. They offer a verity of ministry degree options.

49. NASA Resources
Level: All Ages
From FAQ to high tech research to astronauts reading to you in space, NASA provides it all. NASA’s website really does have something very educational for everyone and is the perfect science resource.

50. Khan Academy
Level: All Ages
Khan Academy is one of the best free educational resources out there. From early elementary through high school and beyond, take any LA, Math, Science, History, and more class. Most of these are video classes with quizzes to help make sure you have the information.

There you go! I hope this helps you whether you are a teacher, a homeschooling parent like myself, or suddenly find yourself being your child’s main educator. Please also check out my following posts to help you navigate through this new and wonderful home education journey:
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By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell; March 15th, 2020

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