AD: Seven Sisters Scones ships sweet, savory and gluten-free scones, sconies and other goods

We’ve seen so many of our friends take up baking while they’re quarantined or isolating at home … but not everybody can bake. If you don’t exactly have that baker’s touch still get the delicious goodness you crave delivered right to their door. Seven Sisters Scones ships sweet, savory and gluten-free scones, sconies and other goods

10% off all purchases over $30 at Seven Sisters Scones, code SPRING2020, exp 4/30

About Seven Sisters Scones

Founded in Johns Creek, Georgia, Seven Sisters Scones is a labor of love for Hala Yassine and her sisters (yes, there are seven sisters – and two brothers). A professional chef, Hala baked her first scone from a box mix and was decidedly unimpressed. Leaning on years of culinary experience, she baked her own superior version. It was a hit with the family, and soon new flavors were being batted around. Caramel apple? Sure. Chocolate? Of course. How about some savory options, like bacon cheddar? You bet. They were all hits and soon, the idea to turn all this scone baking into a business came up.

Hala began with selling to farmers markets in Georgia, but that quickly led to a need for a dedicated store. Seven Sisters Scones was born.

The bakery offers full-sized scones, the miniature Sconies™, breakfast and lunch Sconewhiches™, and a take on biscotti called Bisconies™. Visit the bakery in person and enjoy soups, salads and a variety of specialty items.


the owner of this site may receive a small commission from this ad. This ad was not paid for by the Seven Sisters Scones company.

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