Maine Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Constantly among the homeschooling community, I see people asking for an updated list of homeschooling Facebook groups. I know it is overwhelming, I have been the new homeschooling parent! I have gone through the Facebook pages and groups and compiled a list of Facebook groups to hopefully help you in your homeschooling journey in the greatest state in the world, Maine.

If you are interested in other Facebook groups that are not Maine based only hop on over here 10 Best Homeschooling Facebook Groups.

Maine Homeschooling Groups
Maine Parents Kiducation Resource Co-op
~Maine Homeschoolers Page~
Homeschooling in ME
    – Homeschooling Teens Of Maine
Maine Homeschool Network
    – Homeschoolers of Maine, Families coming together to share IDEAS
    –Homeschoolers of 798
this group is only for those who are against the Maine vaccine bill and for those who are impacted by the forced vaccination bill.
     – Maine Mom Homeschooling Support Group
    – HOME Field Trip Forum
Maine Homeschooling Questions, Answers and Ideas.
Maine Homeschool Coalition Group.
Maine Homeschool Beginner’s Support
Maine Unschoolers Connect and Chat
HOMEschooling Special Needs and Gifted
HOME Convention 2020
Groups By Region

Lincoln Maine Homeschooling
HOME Monthly Bowling
HOME Monthly Skates
– Homeschooling Bangor Maine Area
Maine-ly Moms of Greater Bangor Area
This group is not a homeschooling only group. But Maine Homeschoolers and Unschoolers posts on it a bit and people are always sharing local events and fun ideas of activities to do with your kids.
HOME Hikes
    – penobscot county’s schooling at home families
Penobscot County Play Dates
    – Lincoln Co-op Group
My Aroostook!
this is a great group if you live in the county. It is not just a homeschooling group.
–  Mid-Maine Homeschoolers
–  Penobscot County Events
Millinocket to Lincoln Area Children’s Activities
Lincoln Maine Playdate!
Bangor Area Home School Science Fair

Christain Homeschooling Groups
Maine Catholic Homeschoolers Unschoolers
Northern Maine Christian Families
Maine Christian Homeschool
Guilford Christian Academy
Maine Catholics
Maine Christian Unschooling

Secular Only Homeschooling Groups
Maine Unschooling Network
Secular Homeschooling and Unschooling Families of Maine

Helpful Groups That Are Not Just For Homeschoolers
Families In Maine
Maine Mom’s Meetup Group
Hosting Exchange Students in Maine!
this group is all about how to host international high school exchange students and become s (much needed) volunteer host family. While not homeschooling, it is a great way to open your family to a whole new world.
Mothering Naturally in Maine
Peaceful Parents of Maine
Quirky Moms Maine
This is the most active and helpful group though for parents who have special needs kids or children with learning disabilities.
Maine Gentle Parents
Events In Maine!!
Peaceful Parenting Families of Maine

Helpful Maine Facebook Pages
Maine Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

Mid-Maine Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers Of Maine

Guilford Christian Academy

Freedom Christian Academy of Maine

Historical Based Facebook Groups and Pages
these groups are not homeschooling groups but they are helpful if you are studying history or completing your Maine Studies education requirement.

Maine Memories
You know you grew up in Hermon Maine when…
Lincoln Maine Historical Society Museum, WBroadway, Lincoln, Maine
Early New England Family History Research
Maine Genealogical Society
Madawaska Historical Society
– Martin Acadian Homestead and Learning Center, Madawaska, Maine
Maine Genealogy
Maine Acadian Heritage Council
Maine Ulster Scots Project
– Maine Genealogical Society
Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society
– Aroostook County Genealogical Society
– Jane Austen Society of North America-Maine
Maine Historical Society
Maine Archives and Museums
Fort Kent Historical Society
Ste-Agathe Historical Society
Hancock County Genealogical Society (Maine)
Wawenoc Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society
Washington County Historical Genealogical Society
Pejepscot Genealogy Society
Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society
Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine
You Know You Grew Up In Glenburn, Maine
Nature Based Facebook Groups
These groups are not homeschooling groups but are helpful for exploring the outdoors. The outdoors is a great Maine way of life and tradition and I hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.
MAINE Wildlife [unfiltered]
Backyard Bird Watching in Maine
Maine Hiking
Plant Something Maine Gardening Group
Maine Bird Feeders
Maine, where to Kayak
Backyard Gardening Maine
Maine Chicken Enthusiasts
Maine Foragers
Keeping bees in Maine
Maine Mushrooms
Goats in Maine
Maine Trail Cam Pictures.
Maine Homesteading
Maine Poultry Connection (Maine Only)
North East – Small Farm, Sustainability & Homestead Living
Maine Gardening
Moosehead Lake Birding
Maine Fall Foliage
Moosehead Mushrooms
Maine Homesteaders
MAINE Wildlife
Plants & Flowers of Maine

I will be updating this as much as possible. Feel free to comment a suggestion :). Please check this area to see when this post was last updated.
Have a wonderful homeschooling adventure!


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