Tips for Working from Home

I know you have all seen my post 10 Careers for At Home Mums which shares some ideas on how to make some money from home. All of this COVID-New Normal-Lockdown-Social Networking-Insane world has me thinking though. Sure, we are a family of seven on a small income. We make it work though and I’d say we are pretty happy.

I’m still waiting for the darn housekeeper to show up though, I don’t know where they have been but let me tell you I am getting pretty annoyed sitting around waiting for them to show up.

Back to my point though. Many people are FREAKING OUT over the thought of having to stay home even longer and have their kids out of school. I read about a school in Texas that will be having group A of students attend school two weeks at a time and then they go to remote learning for two weeks while group B comes in and learns in person. Honestly, that is the best schedule I have heard of yet, I like the simplicity of it compared to others I have read. Regardless though, your kids may be home or your spouse or yourself will still be working from home. Many homeschooling families attend co-ops or a class or 2 at regular school and all families have at least one working parent if not two. Then of course are all the ‘regular folks’ (I am playing here :P) who have the working parent/s and kids and school. How are you going to make this work?

Here are some writers who will tell you exactly what you need to know, right after you take a deep breath, eat a pound of chocolate, and finish your pot of coffee.

work at home

Tips for Working from Home

Tip #1 Get up before the Children and Set Extra Time

Tiffany from Saving Talents gets up at 5:30am to start writing her blog. That is an hour before her children typically wake up. She also sets up a ‘loose’ homeschooling schedule. She has a set time of an hour for math studies knowing that it only takes about 30 minutes. So that gives her mini-breaks throughout the day for her to work and the kids to break and play.
You can read Tiffany’s “How to Find Time to Blog and Homeschool”  here.

Tip #2 Set up quiet workspaces

The Attachment Mummy emphasizes the need for quiet workspaces and home offices. Pick a room that does not have high traffic and set up shop there with everything you need just a reach away. Also, make sure you have enough natural light to keep your spirits up.
You can read Attachment Mummy’s “How to Get Organised When You Work from Home” here.

Tip #3 Have some low maintenance side hustles

Kaeleigh from The Faithful Help Meet needed to find a way to cope with going to two incomes to one. Since we are in the middle of COVID I bet a lot of you are in that boat. Kaeleigh lists 5 great ways that are low maintenance to make some extra money. She recommends the Ibotta app, selling on eBay, starting a blog (well of course!), using Swagbucks, and using etsy.
You can read Kaeleigh’s “5 Ways to Make Money from Home” here.

Tip #4 Prepare in advance and Be one step ahead

Laura from Lala to Mama advises work from home parents to always be prepared and be one step ahead, always. Kids going out tomorrow? Layout outfits so they are ready to get dressed. Always have lunches already pack for the next day. Shower the night before and pre-make the coffee if you are able. Laura says if you start keep going because once you sit down it will be hard for you to get back up and keep going. She reminds us parents, to always be one step ahead. Have the snacks already in their own baggie and once the words “I’m bored” come out already have a new activity on hand.
You can read Laura’s “How to Work from Home while your kids are home” here.

Tip #5 Homestead and Sell the Extras

Over at Oh! Homesteading they write about their homesteading life and starting small family businesses. The best tip they give is to start homesteading, grow your own food, and preserve it as well as having livestock. Have chickens and sell the eggs your family doesn’t need. Keep dairy goats or a milk cow for your family and sell any excess. Raise organic meat and, you guessed it, sell what your family does need.
You can read “Make Money Homesteading” at Oh! Homesteading here.

Tip #6 Remember you are at home not in the office

Phillip at Saving Talents emphasizes that you are the intruder, not the other way around. Do not get irritated with your spouse and children when they are just living in their home. They are there all day and it is more their space than your office. You need to be willing to be flexible, compromise, and communicate otherwise your relationship with your kiddos and spouse will suffer.
You should read Phillip’s “Tips For Working At Home Instead Of The Office” here.

Tip #7 Start your own editing business

Trinity at the Pay at Home Parent suggests parents learn the ropes and become private photo editors. According to research, it takes anywhere from 2-15 minutes to make one picture-perfect. If this is the case then at just 2 minutes your workweek could turn into 30+ hours quick. Hiring out helps many photographers and more.
Read Trinity’s “How To Start A Photo Editing Business And Provide Servies Online” here.

Tip #8 Plan Everything

Attachment Mummy wants you to plan everything. Before you panic, she has it right. Maybe it will all fall apart but then you have a blueprint to go back to every single time and you will find your groove in everything. Plan as far as advanced as you can. Plan good work hours and let your co-works know that is what works best for you. Plan your family time and stick to it as best as you can. If possible try and have grandparents come certain times or days of the week and give you a hand.
Read “How to Be an Organised Work At Home Mum with Young Children” here.

Tip #9 Work in Proofreading

Trinity at the Pay at Home Parent has created a list of 45 proofreading jobs to help people who have found themselves either 1. Needing extra money or 2. All of a sudden jobless. She offers great tips on how to make this work and where to look. Trinity wants you to know that it will be easier for you if you pick a focus when you start your proofreading career, not all tasks are the same and you want a solid reputation when you start.
Read Trinity’s “45 Best Online Proofreading Jobs that Offer Remote Work” here

Tip #10 Find a job that works for you

Salt and Sprinkles created a list of ways to make work work for you. With remote working seemingly being inevitable it seems smart to get ahead of the game and find a job that works for you. UpWork, Fivver, and searching on sites such as craigslist and Linkedin are all smart ways to get started.
Read Salt and Sprink’s “5 Websites to Work From Home Remotely” here.

Tip #11 No Screens and Get Hands-On!

Attachment Mum suggests you spend as much time as possible with your kids. Go outside, check out the beach, go for walks, bake together, and everything in between. If you fill the need your children have to be with you first it will help you do the work you need to do later. You kiddos are bugging you because they want your attention and to be with you. If you take care of that first you will be better off later. She also emphasizes that YOUR screens is what is really taking away your time. You could be scrolling you printerest and pinning things you are never going to do instead of working or giving your kiddos the time they need.
Read Attachment Mum’s “How to Work from Home During the School Holidays” here.

Tip #12 Go Mobile

Ashley at Sweetpea Lifestyle thinks you should fit your home office all in one container and work on the go. One bag, one office, ready to work whenever you have spare time. Not a bad idea.
Read Ashley’s “Mobile Office Setup” here.

Tip #13 Keep work and chores separate and go for a walk

Francesca at Seven Roses says you need to keep work and chore separate. You may be sitting and working and remember that you have to do laundry, which leads you to seeing the dirty bathroom, which leads to you doing all the chores and not working. You need to give yourself work time and chore time. She also emphasizes the importance of taking breaks and going for a walk, getting fresh air. All work can be stressful and you should expose yourself to the natural distressers of taking a nice walk or run.
Read Francesca’s “5 tips how to stay focused and motivated” here.

Tip #14 Prioritize

Sarita at An Off Grid Life says you need to prioritize what is the most important with work and school. When it comes to homeschooling her children she says she does math first while the kids’ brains are fresh and ready to work. She prioritizes what is most important for work which is what gets done first, especially what is the largest income point for her family.
Read Sarita’s “How to Homeschool and Work From Home” here.

Tip #15 Set Rules

Stacy at Protection Your Pennies says you need to set rules with your kids. Even her youngest child at 2 can understand a simple rule. Only real emergencies deem interruption. And do not beat yourself up over 30 minutes of TV time if you are just trying to get things done.
Read Stacy’s “Tips for Working at Home with Kids” here.

Tip #16 Let your kids work beside you

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles encourages you to have your child work right beside you. Whether it is pretend work-like giving them a cardboard laptop, or real work-aka. schoolwork, let them work with you. This will encourage your child as well as you.
Read MaryAnne’s “How to Work at Home with Kids” here.

Tip #17 Start your day with something you love.

Veruska’s from Freelancing Journal has wise words. Start your day by doing something you love-that isn’t staring at social networking. Put your favorite playlist on, exercise, whatever. Give yourself something positive to look forward too.
Read Veruska’s “Work from Home Tips for Freelancers to Boost Productivity in 2020” here.

Tip #18 Have a childproof playroom

Julie at Fab Working Mom Life says you need to have a gated, safe, and childproof playroom if you are going to work from home. Have cubbies, play stations, and board books. Julie has gated and childproof her living/dining room area and rave how great it works for her.
Read Julie’s “How to Handle Child Care When You Work from Home” here.

Tip #19 Creat a To-Do list

Brittney at Mom Wife Busy Life suggests you start your day with a to-do list. By doing this you waste less time in between activities. Make sure you cross of the most important items first. When you create a list you also see all you have accomplished and feel proud.
Read Brittney’s “How to Get Work Done with Kids at Home” here.

#20 Create your dream space

Suchot at the Curious Frugal believes that if you create the perfect space you will never want to leave it and actually want to work. Fill your spaces with essentials, comforts, and a comfy chair and you will be ready to work and be happy about it.
Read Suchot’s “Home Office Gifts to Make The Office Her Favorite Room in the House” here.

#21 Get dressed for work

Elizabeth at Being Rubitah interviewed working professionals when the lockdown first started and created a very helpful post. One thing many have in common is get dressed for work. Do not stay in your pj’s all day or you will feel like it. We all know that feeling. So get dressed and work. Carry on normal as best as you can.
Read Elizabeth’s “How to efficiently work form home” here.

#22 Have organized storage

Michelle at Our Crafty Mom created a whole list of budget-friendly home office ideas. She needed a craft space, workspace, and more. What all these spaces needed though was good looking and organized storage options. You need to be able to open your files or go on your shelves and find what you need when you need it.
Read Michelle’s “15 Multipurpose Home Office Ideas” here.

There you have it. 22 actual helpful ideas on how you can work from home and succeed AND be happy and sane. You let me know if you tried any of these. I need to run and actually implement some of these myself!
Enjoy those kids because they won’t always be there to annoy you and drive you bananas :). I have to remind myself of that very frequently, especially with the toddlers!





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